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  • Media Release
  • October 2022

Quantum Talks

A unique opportunity to connect on a deeper level with physics principles, and learn from two universally-renowned Indigenous scientists.

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Media FAQ

    • Can we use TELUS Spark as a backdrop for filming?

      Yes! Let's connect. TELUS Spark Science Centre is a great place to shoot science stories, but it's also a unique venue in the community and a great backdrop when you need something a little different. Spark's galleries and space make for some very unique backdrops. Want to shoot indoors on a rainy day? Spark could be your next stop.

    • Can we film at TELUS Spark Science Centre outside of operating hours?

      Yes, Spark will try to accommodate your out-of-hours shooting requests, but it may depend on the circumstances. Please call 403.651.4043 or 403.651.4891 at least 48 hours in advance.

    • Can we do a science experiment on air?

      Absolutely! Spark's team is adept at unpacking scientific content and exploring it in unique and creative ways. From the human body to environmental sustainability – Spark has explored dozens of topics in fun and visual ways.

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