For Adults

For Adults

Hugely fun and unique 18+ adult only nights and events.

Spark isn't just for the kids!

Events, series and content catered to the 18+ crowd. After hours science excursions, DJ's, drinks, professional development courses and more!

  • 18+

Spark After Dark

Play is essential to growth, and this time it's not for the kiddos! Spark After Dark is an adult-only night of scientific fun where guests can enjoy the mysteries of things like ASMR, AI, and the inner workings of the brain. All while explore the science centre until late! Get ready for food, drinks, ice cream, live music, and of course, adult science!

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Where science meets teamwork!

Explore Spark's new Teambuilders experiences; STEAM-powered team-building adventures designed to cultivate communication, experimentation, and problem-solving skills while embracing a dash of friendly competition.

Spark’s tailor-made Teambuilder experiences cater to your team's unique needs and desired outcomes, ensuring a transformative journey.

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Looking for more?

Come see what Spark has to offer for science lovers ages 1 to 101.

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