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Jane Goodall - Reasons for Hope

With stories such as the Northern Bald Ibis’ migration over the Alps, the re-introduction of the American Bison by the Blackfeet Nation, Jane revolutionized how we view the world around us. Join her on this adventure of inspiration and hope.

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  • ON NOW

SPACE: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond

Fly through a technicolor nebula, kick up dust on the moon, and witness Saturn’s rings up close in this out-of-this-world immersive experience. Explore the galaxy through the James Webb telescope, with science seamlessly woven into each scene, creating a unique space exploration encounter.

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  • MAY 1 - JUNE 27

A Primatology Adventure

Inspired by the pioneering work of Jane Goodall, participants test their research skills through video observations of real primate subjects in Costa Rica! Compare the feeding rates of Black-Handed Spider Monkeys and White-Faced Capuchins.

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  • JUNE 1

AI: More Than Human

This summer, take a byte out of the future and experience AI like never before with the Barbican Centre’s exhibition, AI: More Than Human. Expect digital media, immersive art installations, and a chance to interact directly to experience AI’s capabilities firsthand.

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  • JUNE 3-9

Celebrate Seniors' Week at Spark

Seniors 65+ receive half-price General Admission during Seniors’ Week! Enjoy AI Playground: Seniors’ Edition, an introduction to the world of AI,PLUS $2 Coffee/Tea at the Astronaut Ice Cream Café, and a 15% discount at the Spark Store.

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  • JUNE 12 - SEPT 2

Bugs & Bytes

From ants to algorithms, Spark is buggin’ out with science this summer! Get ready for a bee-rilliant summer unlike any other with Bugs & Bytes Summer Science @ Spark featuring mind-blowing science experiments daily, outdoor adventures and learning in the Junkyard Playground, Monster Insects, sweet treats and cool sips, Artificial Intelligence, and shows in Spark’s 360-degree Infinity Dome.

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  • JUNE 12 - SEPT 5

Monster Insects

Get ready for an epic invasion as larger-than-life Monster Insects swarm the Brainasium Outdoor Park at Spark this summer. Come face-to-face with a gigantic praying mantis, shiny scorpion, and charming ladybug while learning about these creatures’ fascinating lives!

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  • JUNE 14

Artificial Intelligence and Us

Whether you're an AI enthusiast, a creative soul, or simply curious about the possibilities that lie ahead, this adults-only night of science promises to ignite your imagination and broaden your perspective. Unravel the complexities of AI technology and its role in shaping modern relationships.

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  • JUNE 16

Dad's are simply stellar

Spark is firing up the grill and treating all the Dads to a science-filled BBQ bash. It’s a day packed with science, music, and delicious food and beverage options – the ultimate way to honour everyone’s favourite grill master!

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  • JUNE 21

Sun, Summer, Solstice

Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day at Spark on June 21 with hot eats and cool treats. Work up a sweat learning new dance steps, hang out in the sun, or beside the fire (weather permitting), and dive into Indigenous Knowledges of the cosmos.

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  • JULY 20/ AUG 17

Pretty Dead Taxidermy

Flutter alongside the Majestic Monarch Butterflies and splash around with the Tremendous Toe Biter (or Giant Water Bug) while discovering their majestic wings and fascinating tales. Get hands-on with these Alberta natives and explore their scientific significance. It's a bug's life with a twist!

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