Flint the Robo-pup

Wanna meet the coolest new puppy?

The robo-pup from Boston Dynamics has made a home at Spark!


Flint is a robo-pup adopted all the way from Boston!


Catch Flint exploring all throughout Spark as they learn and grow!


Opening hours, unless Flint is napping


Flint visits are included in admission

Calgary kids will teach a dog new tricks! 

A brand new robo-pup is ready to win over hearts and minds as the new mentor and mascot for a series of coding programs for kids at Telus Spark Science Centre.

You may think flint is a hard dark quartz that produces a spark when struck by steel –– but in this case, Flint is the name of a four-legged robotic friend!

Adopted all the way from Boston Dynamics, Flint will steal your heart...not to mention your shoes, tennis balls and snacks. As Spark’s official education ambassador, Flint is the poster-pup for tech learning programs that will make kids keen about coding!

Flint is a curious puppy full of personality – and potential power. And Flint will need a lot of help and patience as it learns and grows. All puppies walk before they run, run before they fetch and take guidance and love. Help teach Flint new tricks and watch Flint grow!

Flint will be roaming around the science centre with handlers daily.

Check for new coding programs for teens and kids to be launched in 2022. Flint and Spark. Kapow!

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