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Indigenous Science

There are many ways to learn about science!

“Learning science and mathematics through relationships with the land is an ancient process that is holistic, transformational and relevant today.”

Casey Eagle Speaker, Kainai Elder

Science is traditionally taught and learned from a Western worldview, but there are many ways of knowing and connecting through knowledge with science. Science becomes more relevant and relatable when our minds and hearts are open to the what of knowing from the land, sky and spirit.

Indigenous Science Programs, Events and Resources

  • What is Indigenous Science?

Elders in the Atrium

Gather in Spark's Atrium to listen to stories, teachings, and Indigenous Science from Elders and Knowledge Keepers.

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  • Digital Immersion Gallery

Sacerd Defenders of the Universe

The newest digital immersion experience, Sacred Defenders of the Universe is a journey inside a story that follows four Indigenous superheroes - Aqueous, Embers, Terra and Aireus - as they seek to bring back the balance on Earth between humility and respect for the land.

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Blackfoot Skies: Makoisokoyi

This short dome film is an adaptation of an original Siksikaitsitapi story gifted to the science centre by the late Dan Weasel Moccasin. His family, including Pete Weasel Moccasin, helped to create a limited-edition book of these original Blackfoot stories. The stories originated in the Blackfoot language and were told for hundreds of years by the Niitsitapi. Directed and written by Tito Gomez.

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Indigenous Ways of Knowing

The Circle of Life represents how all things are connected and relational. The four parts represent the four directions, four sacred medicines, four stages of life, four ways of being, four winds and many more. Each of these four parts shape the TELUS Spark Science Centre Indigenous Action Plan.

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Reconnecting with the Land

TELUS Spark Science Centre acknowledges the traditional lands of the Niitsitapi (Blackfoot Confederacy), the Tsuutina, the Îethka Nakoda, and more recently Métis Nation Region 3. We are grateful for the caretakers of these lands and all who thrive where the Bow and Elbow Rivers meet.

Land Acknowledgement