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Community Relationships


Spark's Relationships with the Community

Community relationships are positioned and grounded in the east, for the rising sun. The east represents the importance of community within Spark's Indigenous strategy.

Like the sun, these relationships nourish and fertilize the growth of Spark's journey of reconciliACTION. Indigenous communities – which include Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Cultural Helpers and Youth – bring ways of knowing into the science centre that are relational, holistic, experiential and spiritual.

Indigenous Community Member Support

The Indigenous Advisory Circle at Spark is made up of Elders and Knowledge Keepers from Treaty 7 Nations. They support and guide the science centre in representing Indigenous knowledges and science in a good way, observing protocols of respect and reciprocity, and ensuring the Indigenous community retains intellectual property.

Gratitude to the many Indigenous community members who have led, consulted, supported and guided recent programming at Spark.

Indigenous Advisory Circle at Spark

Casey Eagle Speaker

Sorrel Horse. Elder and Knowledge Keeper from Kainai First Nation.

Hal Eagletail

Knowledge Keeper and Cultural Advisor from Tsuutina First Nation.

Diana Melting Tallow

Elder and Knowledge Keeper from Siksika Nation.

Alice Kaquitts

Knowledge Keeper from Îethka Nakoda First Nation

Doreen Bergum

Métis Elder from Métis Nation Region 3.

Indigenous Community Leaders, Consultants and Guides

Floyd Big Head, Tito Gomez, Pam Beebe and Emil Starlight

Floyd, alongside Indigenous Advisory Circle members Diana Melting Tallow and Rob Cardinal, helped Tito (director), Pam (producer) and Emil (videographer) to adapt the Blackfoot story of Makoiohsokoyi Wolf Trail or Milky Way into a film for a portable planetarium. For more information about screenings, contact Kori Czuy, Manager, Indigenous Engagement.

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Joey Big Snake (Siksika)

Joey is an artist who has created several digital art pieces for Telus Spark Science Centre. Many of these were completed with support from Elders and Knowledge Keepers, and highlight the importance of interconnectivity between the land and cosmos.

Rod Hunter (Îyârhe Nakoda), Tessa Wolfleg (Siksika), Pam Beebe (Kainai), Jane Farrabe (ally)

Rod, Tessa, Pam and Jane, alongside Spark Indigenous Advisory Circle members Casey Eagle Speaker and Hal Eagletail, are working on a gathering place and medicine garden for Spark’s outdoor park.

Supporting Indigenous Communities

Community Connections Program

Spark is growing the number of Indigenous community agencies taking part in this program, which provides access to the science centre for all those who may otherwise not be able to visit.

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Blackfoot Skies: Makoiohsokoyi

A portable planetarium will be travelling around Treaty 7 in 2022 to bring the Blackfoot story of the Milky Way to Indigenous communities. Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, Elders, astronomers and educators will engage in conversations about Indigenous ways of knowing and the science of the stars. Indigenous communities (community centres and schools on-reserve) will take priority in learning about their own knowledge first.

To learn more, please contact Kori Czuy, Manager, Indigenous Engagement.

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Wisdom Council: Support For The Many Nations, One Voice For Wellness Project

The Many Nations, One Voice team is working with Elders/Knowledge Keepers Hal Eagletail (Tsuut'ina), Alice Kaquitts (Îethka Nakoda), Randy Bottle (Kainai), and Charlotte Yellowhorn McLeod (Piikani), to bring Indigenous knowledge of vaccines and health into the project. The Wisdom Council includes: Emil Starlight (videography), MC Good Medicine - Michael (podcast host and medical field specialist), Wayward The Trickster - Wacey (podcast host), Stefan (radio host and mental health advocate), Zarek Everette Wright (graphic designer, youth leader), Walter White Bear (co-production manager).

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Gitz Crazyboy

Gitz Crazyboy (Siksikatsitapi and Dene) is an artist, actor, activist and youth educator. He is the creator of an Indigenous satirical film, “Peace Pipeline”, that brings awareness to the implications of pipelines to Indigenous communities.

Peace Pipline

Reconnecting with the Land

TELUS Spark Science Centre acknowledges the traditional lands of the Niitsitapi (Blackfoot Confederacy), the Tsuutina, the Îethka Nakoda, and more recently Métis Nation Region 3. We are grateful for the caretakers of these lands and all who thrive where the Bow and Elbow Rivers meet.

Land Acknowledgement