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Paws, tricks, tails and robots.

  • AUGUST 12

Spark After Dark: The Games People Play

The odds are in favour of having a good time during the next Spark After Dark on August 12! Bring your A-game (and besties, of course) to level-up your brain during an evening of gamification and understanding how games create the foundation of life-long skills.

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Blackfoot Skies: Makoiyohsokoyi

This short dome film is an adaptation of an original Siksikaitsitapi story gifted to the science centre by the late Dan Weasel Moccasin. The stories originated in the Blackfoot language and were told for hundreds of years by the Niitsitapi. Directed and written by Tito Gomez.

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  • In the DIG

Quantum Sandbox

Get immersed in a pixel playground with TELUS Spark Science Centre’s newest digital experience, Quantum Sandbox. Walk into the world of the subatomic and explore an interactive, digital space flooded with colours, lights, sounds and energy. Floor to ceiling visuals, react in real time with your movements. No two visits are the same when science, art, and curiosity intersect!

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Expand your thinking

Science is traditionally taught and learned from a Western worldview. But there are many ways of knowing and connecting through knowledge and with science.

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A VR dream come true!

Spark’s newest virtual reality (VR) adventure, Pixelarius VR, is a family-friendly trip into fantasy worlds. Players will save burning buildings, travel to Mars, take sides in an intergalactic food fight, and so much more!

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Many Nations, One Voice

The Many Nations, One Voice for Wellness program celebrates the voices of traditional Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers, professional scientists, Hip Hop artists and youth leaders, as they come together in a circle to share stories and perspectives on vaccines in the context of health, respect, community, empathy and traditional medicine.

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James, a traveling penguin from the South Pole, and Vladimir, a funny bear from the North Pole, meet on the ice of the Arctic sea. They become friends, talk about the regions they come form and observe the stars together, wondering why the night is so long at the poles of the Earth.

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The Gift of a Spark Membership

With galleries, play areas inside and out, live performances, multiple Infinity Dome shows, talks, and monthly events like Spark After Dark, discounts on shopping and dining and FREE parking, membership makes sense!

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  • SEPTEMBER 23, 24 & 25


Coming all the way from Manitoba, Cree Knowledge Keeper Wilfred Buck has brought Tipis and Telescopes! Everyone is invited to come for a weekend of star stories, ceremony, Indigenous science and community.

Listen to star stories while gazing at the Milky Way under the dark of a new moon, from Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and NASA scientists.

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Shoot for the Moon at Spark

From July 21 until August 20, Spark is asking guests to post their great big hopes and dreams for the summer, and #sparkforthemoon!

Stories will be posted in the Spark Moonshot Gallery in the Atrium, on the Spark website and on social media!

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“Open your minds and hearts to something you may not know.”

- Kori Czuy, Indigenous Engagement Specialist at Spark


In the hands of the right storyteller, science is the greatest adventure on Earth.

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Surround yourself with an audiovisual treat in one of western Canada’s largest dome theatres.

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Shop & dine

A dash of science with a pinch of wow. Make time for Spark’s award-winning eatery and one-of-a-kind gift shop.

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Science inspired gifts that are out of this world!

Browse through collections of geeky knick knacks, bobs, and gadgets delivered straight to your door. Perfectly suited for the curious!

Sprinkle Science onto Summer!

Beat the heat by checking out all the cool things happening at Spark this summer. Walk through a stained-glass window during Luminarium, freeze your mind with the new James Webb ice cream and expirement with all the awesome science happening in the Brainasium Outdoor Park!

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