Hack The House

Hack The House

An exciting and engaging challenge for individuals aged 14-21.


Beakerhead: Hack the House


September 2024

Date TBA


Individuals aged 14 - 21 from Alberta


This is a free event, there is no cost to register.

Hack The House challenges young teams of individuals, aged 14 to 21 from across Alberta, to ‘hack’ a piece of used household furniture, and transform it into a rideable machine that runs on sustainable power sources.

Teams are given the opportunity to explore how their creation can solve a real-world problem, and are encouraged to infuse their creations with a captivating story or powerful message about an issue they deeply care about.

Teams will receive mentorship from a multidisciplinary expert panel, and $1,000 to fund the builds. The culmination of the Hack the House will take place with an event during the Beakerhead festival in the fall, where teams will navigate an obstacle course specifically designed by experts.

Grab your best buds and hit the drawing board. It's time to start planning something AMAZING!

The Build: 

  • Machines must have a human pilot wearing a government-approved safety helmet and wrist guards. 
  • Machines must be powered sustainably! Human or renewable power is accepted (pedalling, solar panels, etc.) Fuel-powered engines are NOT allowed! 
  • The machine must be no bigger than a twin sized bed, and no smaller than a kitchen chair, as it must fit a human pilot! 
  • Machines must be designed, constructed and piloted by registered team members only.  
  • Seeking help from others outside of your team or advisory committee is prohibited 
  • We want teams’ machines to tell a story; will your machine solve a problem, or does it send a message about an issue you care about? Who would use your machine, and for what purpose?

The Teams:

Teams will consist of a minimum of two members, with one member serving as the Team Lead.

Team Lead responsibilities include:

  • Being the primary contact for the Beakerhead Hack Coordinator. 
  • Being responsible for updating the panel of experts and Hack the House lead in a timely matter with the progress of their build, or any assistance they desire. If teams are not on track to meeting milestones, it is the responsibility of the team lead to inform the Hack Coordinator, who will assist in supporting the team. 
  • Provide the panel of experts and Hack Coordinator with ‘sneak peaks,’ and in progress snapshots of their teams plans and builds that can be used to promote the program. 
  • Recording all expenses recording to their project in a provided form, in addition to compiling all receipts, and sending them to the Beakerhead Hack Coordinator in the month after Beakerhead 2023. 
  • Though it is desired that all team members make contact with the Hack Coordinator and attend meetings, it is only required that the team lead attends. 

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