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TELUS Spark Science Centre Camps

The days are all about the process; we get a little messy, but we learn new skills and take some exciting risks along the way to build confidence.

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For questions about camps, sleepovers, or general inquiries, please contact Spark at 403.817.6800


Spring Camps 2022

Science is cool outside of school too! Buckle-up for spring break at the science centre! Spring Camps are back IN-PERSON at Spark. These camps brand-new, and ready for campers and future scientists ages 5-10.

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Summer Camps 2022

Don't fret, summer camps filled with sparkly science are coming back for the summer in 2022! A watched pot never boils, and these summer camps are almost ready to be served! Stay-tuned for 2022 summer camp registration, as a part of Summer at Spark!

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PD Day Camps

Days off, or Days of science and expert-led nerdery? Spark is bringing back PD Day, Day Camps for this school year, so no day off goes science-less! Sign up now, and give those PD days an extra Spark!

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