Creative Kids Museum

Creative Kids Museum

Designed for Ages 0-8.

Creative Kids Museum is reopening on March 25!

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It’s sensory-rich and designed for children 0-8 years old

The Creative Kids Museum (CKM) is more than 10,000 square feet of big fun for Spark’s littlest visitors so they can play, build and explore with all their senses.

Tips for parents:

  1. CKM is opened earlier at 9 AM daily
  2. The water play area is a favourite. A change of dry clothes may be recommended!
  3. Bring a water bottle! Water fountains are currently closed throughout the building.
  4. Bathrooms are located inside the gallery for your convenience.
  5. A nursery room is available inside the gallery

This specialized area at Spark is designed by experts in the developmental activities that best build children’s brains. While having fun, your child will develop fine motor skills and spatial abilities through creativity, play and kinetics.

Spark embraces them all, because play builds big, bushy neurons!The three-dimensional adventure space is the climbing structure for children only. Parents are encouraged to supervise from the outside. Does it look dimly lit? That’s part of the design.

A typical visit can last several hours. Imagine and build at one of several tactile maker activity tables. Get comfy in a corner to read a book. Make music on the beloved bubble piano.

There is a nursing room and a low stimulation room, both immediately adjacent to the main play area.

Beverages are welcome, in lidded containers only.

The Eatery and Lunar Landing Picnic Zone on the second floor are open for lunch at 10 am.

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