Spark Science Centre's Teambuilders.


Ignite the spirit of collaboration within your team.

Where science meets teamwork!

Explore Spark's new Teambuilders experiences; STEAM-powered team-building adventures designed to cultivate communication, experimentation, and problem-solving skills while embracing a dash of friendly competition.

Spark’s tailor-made Teambuilders experiences cater to your team's unique needs and desired outcomes, ensuring a transformative journey.

Please email [email protected] to book.

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Main Programming

Tailor-made programs catering to your team's unique needs, ensuring a transformative journey towards enhanced collaboration and success. Ignite the spark of unity within your team, as science and teamwork converge for an unforgettable adventure.

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  • Teambuilders

Add-on Experiences

Enhance your team's journey of collaboration with specialized activities designed to amplify communication, foster experimentation, and sharpen problem-solving skills. These add-ons, seamlessly integrated into STEAM-powered team-building adventures, offer an extra layer of engagement and excitement.

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  • Teambuilders

VR Challenges

Explore a thrilling fusion of science and teamwork as you navigate immersive VR challenges. These specially curated activities, seamlessly integrated into our STEAM-powered adventures, elevate collaboration by honing communication, experimentation, and problem-solving skills in an electrifying virtual environment.

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Private Dome Shows

Book a private dome show and elevate your team's experience! Check out Spark's screenings for thrilling cinematic adventures that are truly out of this world.

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Interested in hosting a private event?

Spark offers an intriguing, unforgettable and versatile venue.

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