Renfrew Solar Carport

Renfrew Solar Carport

Powering Calgary’s Science Centre and contributing to a greener, healthier city.

A beacon of environmental stewardship for Spark and the community

Spark exists to lift people with the power of curiosity, and the Renfrew Solar Carport does just that. Not only does this amazing renewable energy installation completely re-imagine the Spark parking lot, but it also inspires Calgarians and guests from around the world to be curious about solar energy and the incredible technology behind it.

For more information on this project, contact 311.

2,292 high-efficiency solar panels

Covering over 5,800 square metres.

1.2-million-kilowatt hours

Electricity produced by the carport, annually.

426 tonnes greenhouse gas emissions avoided

Associated with grid electricity, every year.

More on the Renfrew Solar Carport

  • This renewable energy infrastructure project is a key a part of The City of Calgary’s Climate Resilience Strategy – establishing a hub for small-scale renewable energy for Spark and the community of Renfrew and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, all while providing shelter for vehicles from the elements. 
  • Nearly two-thirds of total greenhouse gas emissions in Calgary are generated by heating, lighting and power demands in buildings. That makes solar projects like this crucial to a greener, healthier city.  
  • The estimated 1.2-million-kilowatt hours of electricity produced by the carport annually is enough to power 180 Calgary homes, and will support the science centre's annual electricity needs. 
  • The carport leverages the best available solar power technology, as well as racking specifically designed for northern climates. It also boasts improvements to parking lot security and lighting. 

Building a greener, healthier city

As one of Canada’s sunniest cities, this solar installation is the perfect way to power the science centre while limiting its environmental impact. Learn more about Calgary’s climate plan and climate-related programs for schools at Spark!

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