Cloudy with a Chance of Science

Cloudy with a Chance of Science

Residency climate science program for grade 4-6 students - right inside the classroom!


October 2023 to May 2024




Four days


$550 per class of 30

Cloudy with a Chance of Science is a four-day in-school experience that introduces grade 4–6 students to the wonderful world of meteorology!

Through hands-on experiments, real-world data collection and inclusive discussions, students explore four key questions:

  1. Why does the wind blow, and why is it important for weather and climate?
  2. Why does precipitation form, and why is precipitation important for weather and climate?
  3. What is climate change and what can we do to help slow it down?
  4. How is a weather forecast made?

The program culminates in student-created weather forecasts presented using our portable green screen set. Students will have gained a profound understanding of climate and its effects and feel confident and equipped to have a positive effect on their planet.

Residency includes:

  • Four classroom visits, up to four hours each and based on your classroom schedule.
  • All equipment for data collection, experiments, forecasts and activities.
  • Travel within 50 kilometres of TELUS Spark Science Centre.

Curriculum enhanced by this program:

  • Science 5D: Weather Watch
  • ELA 5: Present & Share

New Curriculum:

  • 4ES: Students investigate the systems of Earth and reflect on how their interconnections sustain life.
  • 4SM: Students investigate evidence and reflect on its role in science.
  • 5E: Students investigate and analyze various energy resources.
  • 5ES: Students analyze climate and connect it to weather conditions and agricultural practices.
  • 5SM: Students investigate how evidence is gathered and explain the importance of ethics in science.
  • 6E: Students investigate energy resources and explain factors that influence their use.
  • 6ES: Students investigate climate, changes in climate, and the impact of climate change on Earth.
  • 6SM: Students investigate and describe the role of explanation in science.


  • DAY 1

The Deep Dive Begins

The program is launched developing respect and empathy for classmates and the environment through story and discussions. Students are introduced to weather forecasting and begin deep-dives into weather conditions.

  • DAY 2

Hands-on Experimentation

Using the PocketLab Learning System, students roll up their sleeves to create experiments and collect outdoor data on temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind, humidity, cloudiness and precipitation.

  • DAY 3

Building weather reports

Students explore rainfall in a distillation experiment, continue their outdoor data collection, start building their weather report and get comfortable with the equipment of a production studio.

  • DAY 4

It's showtime!

Students work as a team to deliver a weather report based on their data. The program wraps up with a reflection on how the students have grown throughout the week in terms of empowerment and eco-anxiety.

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