Keep Calgary Curious

When we invest in curiosity, we invest in the future.

Curiosity is the foundation of learning, discovery, and innovation - it's the heartbeat of science. Spark is seeking $45 million to elevate Calgary's science centre and keep Calgary curious.

Curiosity is One of Our Greatest Superpowers

It's the master key to understanding the world around us, the rocket fuel for learning and discovery. Curiosity is a cornerstone of every great community, including Calgary, where an interest in science has sparked growth like never before.

Curiosity makes us happier.

Laughing is a science. When your brain is in a state of curiosity, you are rewarded with a hit of dopamine, making you feel happier. When people are happy, the world is happier.

Curious minds are always active.

Curiosity allows us to imagine, discover, invent, evolve and advance. The mind is a muscle which becomes stronger through continual exercise. Curiosity is a great exercise making your mind stronger and stronger as you do it more.

Keeping Calgary Curious, Together.

For over 55 years, Calgary's science centre has been a pillar in educating and immersing audiences in the fascinating world of science and technology. It's been a beacon of innovation, a hub for curious minds to explore and a place for hundreds of thousands of people to come together. When Spark recently asked the community what they need out of their local science centre, they answered, "we want more."

Get Curious. We Dare You.

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Why Keep Calgary Curious?

To inspire the workforce of tomorrow.

As businesses big and small look to the future, more careers will depend on skills in science, technology and engineering. In a city built on entrepreneurialism, ingenuity and science, Calgary’s science centre is the perfect incubator for bringing creativity and science together.

To advance understanding.

According to a 2018 survey of Canadians, science centres are one of the most trusted sources for accurate information. In this current era of misinformation, communication and comprehension has never been more important—and Spark is the perfect messenger to help cultivate better conversations about science.

To be a beacon of Calgary's core character.

Calgary is a gutsy, action-oriented community that has solved engineering challenges on an international scale for decades. It’s time to update this story with the dramatic technological advances that characterize the new economy of Calgary.

When people are curious, anything is possible.

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Investing in Calgary's Curiosity

Through the Keep Calgary Curious Campaign, Spark is seeking $45 million in support over the next five years from government, philanthropic leaders, corporate partners and individuals in the community to transform the science centre into one of the world’s leading science experiences. This will empower Spark to inspire and delight visitors of all ages, means and abilities on a whole new level—to increase their affinity with science, supercharge their curiosity, and maybe even change the course of their lives.

Dialing-up the experience

Galleries, buildings and grounds re-imagined with delightful, meaningful and unique world-class experiences—accommodating large crowds with ease.

Engaging diverse audiences in science

With global recognition for our originality and best-in-class encounters with science, created by the top professionals in their fields.

Inclusivity and Innovation

Be more inclusive for the next generation of scientists, doers and dreamers through multiple ways of knowing and delivered with a great dose of humanity.

Stepping Boldly into the Future

Re-imagined Spaces

Create inclusive and emotional connections with science.

The world is changing and Spark is ready for a revitalization to become one of the most innovative science centres in the world. The science centre plays a pivotal role in revitalizing Calgary’s future, as a place to inspire visitors, a community connector and a leader in education by communicating science through fun and entertaining ways. New immersive experiences and renovations, infused with indigenous ways of knowing are needed. Spark not only aims to educate and inspire — but to also take people’s breath away!

Innovative and Inspired Programs

Empower hundreds of thousands of students, educators, professionals, members and other guests every year.

Being an education leader, in the world's top 25 per cent, means stepping into a growth mindset with a passion to lead and serve. In the future, Spark aims to build on its award-winning programming and inspire new daily activities, weekly workshops, month-long programs and year-round impact! Think of the science centre like a sandbox for creativity and science education excellence.

Welcoming to All

Inspire hundreds of thousands every year, from every corner of the community.

Spark excels in its service to Calgarians of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Our vision for the future is clear: to share even more inspiring, inclusive programming, improve accessibility and incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing into everything. It means more free visits and reduced rates through community access partnerships. And in the Creative Kids Museum, it means a transformed, dedicated gallery with new programming for the youngest growing minds in the city. Access and programming is made possible by community supporters who want to make an impact today, and for the future.

So, go on. Get curious. We dare you.

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The Timeline

  • Phase 1


Digital Immersion Gallery

A world first for a science centre to have a permanent 3,500-square-foot immersive digital experience where science, technology and art collide.

Astronaut Ice Cream

A new café with award winning intergalactic treats. Accessible by all before the pay wall.

Infinity Dome

Visitors are experiencing out of this world high resolution films and star shows in 360 degrees.

Updated Student Spaces

Updated classrooms have transformed grey walls into immersive environments, while new teamwork pods support creative collaboration. It’s not hard to have great ideas when your surroundings are so inspiring!

Renfrew Solar Carport

Powering 100% of the science centre's annual electricity needs with 2,292 high-efficiency bi-facial solar panels installed over Spark's parking lot. Additionally, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions with its renewable energy source.

  • Phase 2

In Progress

Enhancing the Brainasium Outdoor Park

Supercharged experiences in the great outdoors, with greatly improved accessibility for all ages. Neuroscientists know there is a connection between healthy brains and healthy bodies. Physical play helps develop skills like problem solving, spatial thinking and cooperation. So it’s ready, set …run, jump, climb, spin and learn in the newly upgraded Brainasium Outdoor Park.

Exciting Gallery Transformations

Leveraging science, engineering and technology to create immersive, bold and surprising experiences that will help define Spark as a world renowned science centre. A place that provides unique and inspirational experiences with science for everyone. A destination that encourages a deeper understanding of the science that is all around us and the science that is yet to be discovered.

Atrium Peak Climbing Structure.

Look up and climb to new heights…literally! Four stories above the Spark Atrium, this climbable artwork will lift the adventurous to great heights – helping people of all ages explore their highest potential in the promise-filled world of science.

Establishing a New School Entrance

Putting sustainability first, this gathering area will allow Spark to double student attendance with ease, and greatly increase the energy efficiency of the building.

Help to shape a future fuelled by curiosity. We dare you.

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An affinity for science has never been more important!

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