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The Moss Bag Project

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What is a Moss Bag?

For centuries, the moss bag has been used by Indigenous peoples to keep a baby snugly wrapped. It creates a warm, womb-like environment that makes the baby feel safe and sleep better. The top of the bag holds the head secure.

Moss bags traditionally held freshly-gathered sphagnum moss, known to have medicinal properties that made it an ideal diaper. Antiseptic and absorbent, the moss keeps the baby dry and rash-free.

You can see a moss bag in the new permanent installation in the Creative Kids Museum.

More on the Moss Bag Project

The Moss Bag Project is an Indigenous-led organization. They create sustainable and reciprocal support structures through academic resources and traditional education.

The project offers moss bag making and Indigenous-centered child-rearing education sessions. The team also creates beautiful, beaded moss bags, connected to traditional stories and teachings. All donations and proceeds from moss bag sales are given to Indigenous mothers and Two-Spirit parents through an annual scholarship fund and child-rearing resources.

The Moss Bag Project at Spark

  • Creative Kids Museum

Learn about the Moss Bag Project!

Learn about the Moss Bag Project from Elders and founders of the project, who are sharing traditional moss bag teachings, stories, and child-rearing practices, plus get hands-on experience with a moss bag.

Let your little ones feel the materials, learn how to wrap a baby, or wrap yourself in an adult-sized moss bag. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about science that Indigenous people have known for thousands of years!

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