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Let's get Curious together.

Curiosity is also one of our greatest superpowers. Scientists have found that when you become curious about something, and then you satisfy that curiosity, your reward system kicks in. Your brain floods your body with dopamine, which makes you feel happier.

Spark’s purpose is clear: to lift people up with the power of curiosity. Spark is so many things to so many people, from around the world. A beacon of innovation and a launch pad for boundless imagination. An engaging leader in science communications and a place to come together on common ground.

For more than 55 years, Calgary’s science centre has been Calgary’s loudest and proudest place for curiosity and collaboration—encouraging everyone to grab the tools of science and technology to build the very best future.

The Mission: To deliver world-renowned creative experiences with science.

The Vision: To inspire humanity to seek answers, come together and make the world better.

Donate today. Your gift will go directly to science programming and education that engages and connects with learners of all ages and backgrounds each year.

Science, it's like magic, but real.

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Monthly Means More

Every donation matters. If you want to go a step further, consider making monthly donations. Monthly contributions mean that you can give a smaller amount regularly, knowing that over the long term, you have greater impact. Mostly donors provide stability to science centre programs and the people they serve.

Spark will gladly accept your donation through securities, if that is preferable for you.

Donations of $20 or more per year will receive a charitable tax receipt. Please note, due to the current situation, there may be a delay in receiving tax receipts.

Gifting Securities

Did you know you can maximize your tax savings and the impact to the science centre by giving a gift of securities, stocks, or bonds? Please contact us to learn more.

Spark's charitable business number is 118781079 RR 0001

Let's get Curious together.

100% of donations made to Calgary's science centre are directed to science education programming that inspires future generations of scientists.