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Many Nations, One Voice for Wellness

Perspectives on vaccines and health through music

The Many Nations, One Voice for Wellness program celebrates the voices of traditional Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers, scientists, Hip Hop artists and youth leaders, as they come together in a circle to share stories and perspectives on vaccines in the context of health, respect, community, empathy and traditional medicine.

The project's community engagement process is based on ceremony, sharing circles, focus groups and rap cyphers. The culture of the project is for folks to come together and share a meal, smudge and share their feelings, before getting down to work.

Videography, freestyle rap, poetry and music are the learning vehicles to collaboratively explore vaccine confidence concepts. The cornerstones of the project are the wisdom of traditional Knowledge Keepers and the teaching pedagogy of Dr. Christopher Emdin, founder of Science Genius -- a program originally designed for Black youth in New York, and expanded to include any populations who face barriers to participating in STEM.

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Walter MacDonald White Bear

Walter MacDonald White Bear is a Cree singer-songwriter originally from the First Nation of Moose Factory, Ontario. In addition, Walter is an educator, performer and motivational speaker. He has been performing acoustic and flute music for several years. Performance highlights include The Edmonton Folk Music Festival, The Chiefs Summit with Tom Jackson, The Dream Speakers Festival, The Mountain Song Native Theater, World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education and more. Walter has been featured as a keynote speaker at various conferences with topics including Social Services, Justice, Education, Wellness and the Environment.

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Rebecca Dawn

Rebecca Dawn is a recording and performance artist and freestyle rapper with MSc in Environmental Science, and BAs in Anthropology and Music. She performs and teaches worldwide, seeking to create a sensory habitat where audiences can explore foreign concepts as if they were travellers on a new and exciting landscape.

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Many Nations, One Voice for Wellness

This project is made possible thanks to the generous financial support of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), through the Immunization Partnership Fund.

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