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Infinity Dome

Planetarium shows, movies and more! 360 degree viewing, bright 8K projections, new seats and fun!

Dome movies and live planetarium shows.

From the edges of the known universe to the far flung reaches of planet Earth, immerse yourself in a movie or a live planetarium show – a narrated story with an Infinity Dome visual experience. See what’s on!

For guests with visual impairments or who are hard of hearing, headsets are available for select Infinity Dome Shows.

Included with admission

All dome movies are included with admission or membership to Spark! Go ahead. Binge-watch.

Immerse in a visual experience

The Infinity Dome theatre stretches 3 stories high and over 21 metres across! Sit back and let the 360 degree visuals transport you to another place.

Group Admissions

Save on admission prices when you purchase 15 or more admission tickets in advance. Call 403.817.6800 to book!



Jane Goodall – Reasons for Hope

With stories such as the Northern Bald Ibis’ migration over the Alps, the re-introduction of the American Bison by the Blackfeet Nation, Jane revolutionized how we view the world around us. Join her on this adventure of inspiration and hope.

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Once upon a time there was a sky full of marvellous planets, and on those planets were the most delicious super hazelnuts ever. At least that’s what two greedy squirrels, Nino and Lilli, thought. But is the grass really greener elsewhere?

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Worlds Of Ice

Beatrice Deer, a popular figure of the Inuit culture, lends her unique voice to this 35 minute experience of total immersion into a kaleidoscopic igloo from which people never cease to re-emerge.

Explore the two-way relationship between humans and ice, and see just how close we are to the tipping point of dramatic climate change.

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Dinosaurs of Antarctica

Dinosaurs of Antarctica tells the story of a changing environment at the bottom of the world where dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures once roamed freely in a lush landscape. As the climate changes again today, melting Antarctic ice is allowing discovery of the continent’s history—including the fossils of new dinosaurs.

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*Dome schedules are subject to change without notice.

Special thanks to WestJet for the timely delivery of Spark’s comfy dome seats – ensuring the Infinity Dome renovations were completed on time!

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