Worlds of Ice

Ice. Precious, and Vital.

Take a journey to the farthest reaches of the solar system and travel through the dimensions of ice, from the remote territories of the Arctic to a scientific complex nested under the South Pole.

Beatrice Deer, a popular figure of the Inuit culture, lends her unique voice to this incredible experience of total immersion into a kaleidoscopic igloo from which people never cease to re-emerge.

Enjoy thirty-five minutes of pure delight that explores the two-way relationship between humans and ice, the protean substance whose astonishing dynamics universally affect biology, astronomy, ocean sciences, anthropology, culture and artistic expression.

Worlds of Ice reveals how disastrous human actions are responsible for the melting polar ice caps and how close Earth is to the tipping point of dramatic climate change. A sobering reality indeed.

This planetarium show is fully immersive! The Infinity Dome theatre stretches 3 stories high and over 21 metres across! Sit back and let the 360 degree visuals transport you to another place.

Included with General Admission or a Spark Membership.

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