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More information

Prices are per class, and are exclusive of any applicable GST. Each workshop is designed for 25-30 students with minor exceptions. Additional fees will apply to two‑class bookings and groups larger than 30 students.

Over-Limit Prices:

  • 60 min workshops: $11 per additional student (Max 2 Additional)
  • 90 min workshops: $12 per additional student (Max 2 Additional)
  • Live Demonstrations: $11 per additional student (Max 10 Additional)

Some workshops cannot accommodate more than 30 students. In this case a second workshop will be required.

Payment is due on the day of your visit. School cheques or major credit cards will be accepted.

Prices and programs are subject to change without notice. School rates are significantly discounted. Memberships, promotions, discounts or coupons may not be redeemed for school bookings.

Teachers will receive one complimentary pass in their confirmation package, to be used prior to their school visit to facilitate planning and to decide on areas to emphasize during the actual class trip.

To qualify for the school rate, a group of students and their chaperones must be participating in a field trip organized through:

  • An institution accredited by Alberta Education (or equivalent from another jurisdiction)
  • An organization licensed by Alberta Social Services for supervised child care
  • Homeschooling

Booking cancellations or changes are permitted up to three weeks prior to the visit. An administration fee of $50 may be applied if any changes on booking details are made after three weeks. Additional fees may apply.

Call 403.817.6802 to book. We'd be happy to speak with you about your visit to TELUS Spark and make recommendations to best suit your class.

Alternatively, complete the form to submit a booking request. Our team will connect with you to continue planning your experience.