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Take flight

Earn some wings on Birdly VR! It's just plane awesome!

Glide through the ocean, skydive in a wing suit, fly with dinosaurs as a Kepodactylus, fly through New York City as a pigeon – there are more wings where those come from. Spark guests are invited to earn some wings of choice with Birdly VR!

Birdly is TELUS Spark Science Centre's coolest VR experience! It is a unique experience, as it is designed to take guests on a trip to the sky. Birdly has not only visual sensations, but also aural and haptic sensations that give the each flyer an all-encompassing experience of flight.

  • COST: Free, as part of General Admission to Spark, must book time slot
  • WHERE: Located upstairs in Open Studio
  • WHEN: Operating during regular daytime hours
  • BOOKING: Click here, or scan the QR code sign at Birdly to add yourself to the digital queue.

Please keep scrolling for more departure information and flight plans below!

How it works:

To secure a flight time on the Birdly full body VR flight experience, simply scan the QR code sign located at Birdly. You will be placed in a digital queue and given an estimated wait time. The Spark team is more than happy to help you reserve a spot.

Please note that Birdly flyers must have a wingspan of 52 inches or 132 centimetres, fingertip to fingertip (approximately the length of a pool noodle).

All flyers will receive a text shortly before their flight time, indicating it’s time to proceed to the Birdly departure lounge! From here, you’ll have a great view of the Flight Cam, a screen which shows what each flyer is experiencing on the VR headset.

When it’s time to fly, a science guide will sanitize the VR headset and touch-points, explain the safety features...and launch your flight!

The sky is no longer the limit! Visit Spark today to take Birdly for a test flight.

Flight Experiences

Wingsuit Racer

Feel a rush of pure adrenaline pumping through your veins as you speed down the mountain. Wingsuit Racer lets you experience the breakneck speeds and death-defying proximity of a wingsuit flight. Dive from the highest summit and push your limits as you race towards the valley floor. Test your skills against the clock or other players - do you dare to be the fastest?

Jurassic Flight

People of all ages have been fascinated by dinosaurs. Jurassic Flight invites you to embody a pterosaur, Kepodactylus. Jurassic Flight you to fly amongst dinosaurs roaming the Earth during the Jurassic time period. In consultation with paleontologists, scientific researchers and museum directors, Jurassic Flight was created  world that allows you to explore the flora, fauna and above all the dinosaurs existing 150 million years ago.

Reef Dive

Welcome to the secret cities of the seas. In Reef Dive discover the unique biodiversity of a coral reef. Become friends with the endless variety of beings populating this fascinating world. Swim with a school of dolphins or be awed by the magnificent sight of a giant manta ray. And for the first time on Birdly you can do this together with your friends, as this is a multiplayer experience.


V-Race is a futuristic racing game that challenges the reflexes, while you experience the speed and exhilaration of flying. The game takes place in outerspace on a race track containing a myriad of tunnels that twist and turn. Players get to test their flying agility and attention skills. Highly addictive.

Paradise Lost

From dreaming high in the sky, Birdly dives deep into the waters of the ocean as a sea-turtle with Paradise Lost. This underwater experience provides the opportunity to learn about the vegetation and wild-life that are underexplored and often forgotten. Importantly, it tells a story about the beautiful coral reefs; their impact on balancing a complex ecosystem and how they are currently bleaching out due to climate change and man-made pollution.


Take to the wings of a butterfly and explore a living ecosystem with highly detailed plants, insects, birds, reptiles, snails, and mammals native to central Europe. From feeding insects to the sometimes-devastating impact of humans on the world of the small Birdly Insects takes you through the world from another perspective. Use insect senses to discover aspects of our world usually hidden from human eyes. UV-Vision enables you to see hidden patterns on the plants and animals while Smell-O-Vision allows you to discover hidden insects by their pheromone trails.


    • Is there a cost to Birdly?

      Birdly is free, included in general admission!

    • How long is the ride?

      Your flight experience, from start to finish, is about 5 minutes: a 2-minute briefing followed by a 3-minute fly around the prehistoric skies!

    • How do I book a flight time? Do I need to make a reservation?

      Visit Birdly in the Open Studio Gallery, then scan the QR code at the Birdly Departure Lounge to join the line! You’ll receive an estimated wait time and get a text message when your turn is close.

    • Can children ride?

      It’s all about the wingspan! If your wingspan is 52 inches / 132 centimetres wide, you can ride Birdly (that's fingertip to fingertip) . Baby birds and anyone wanting to remain firmly on the ground can watch the flight cam, which shows exactly what the rider is seeing.

    • Will I get motion sick?

      Rarely do Birdly fliers get dizzy or motion sick, which occurs your inner ear is confused because what you see doesn’t match what you feel. On Birdly, your physical motions match what you see on the VR headset, so there’s no cause for inner ear complaints.

      On the other hand, Birdly flights are so realistic that you may feel vertigo, shock and even fear! However once your brain realizes that you are perfectly safe (and on the ground), it quickly turns to exhilaration and awe.

      You can always signal to the operator that you’d like to stop the ride and exit at any time.

    • What will I see/ feel?

      The magic of flight! Spark’s inaugural Birdly experience is set in the Jurassic, so you’ll fly through the age of dinosaurs. As you move your arms/ wings to control the flight, the VR headset displays a breathtaking panorama of life from the skies.

    • How long will Birdly be at Spark?

      Birdly is a permanent addition to the Spark Science Centre, and will be giving thrilling flights for years to come.

    • Is Birdly accessible?

      Birdly is not suitable for the visually impaired. Those with mobility issues may require assistance from a caregiver to get on and off Birdly.

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