Math in Motion

Math in Motion

Dance through the equation with a harmonious blend of math and movement

Let's get moving with a math dance-off!

Spark has partnered with local dance company, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, to bring a unique virtual learning experience centre-stage! Students will engage in a participatory workshop infused with math and movement. Memory and cognitive function are enhanced by movement, which could help ease anxiety around math. Bring Math in Motion to your classroom and get ready to tap into mathematical concepts with a twist and turn of science!

Program Details

  • Thursday time slots available at 10:00 AM, or 11:30 AM.
  • $245 per in-person workshop (Thursdays).
  • Location: Spark's Inspiration Stage.
  • Each class runs for 45-mins.
  • Suitable for grades k-6, for classes up to 30 students.

*Workshops are limited to 30 students per classroom booking. Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, DJD can only host up to 18 individual connections per classroom booking.

For more information, please contact Spark at [email protected] or 403.817.6800

  • Grades K
  • Math in Motion


Let’s explore numbers, shapes and patterns using our creativity and dance! TELUS Spark and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks have teamed up to create a totally unique learning experience for young mathematicians-in-training.

  • Grades 1-2
  • Math in Motion

Shapes and Patterns

Can you see ALL of the shapes you can create with your body? Can you create patterns with movement? Come and explore pattern, shape and number manipulation through movement, facilitated by a skilled expert from Decidedly Jazz Danceworks.

  • Grades 3-4
  • Math in Motion

Number Manipulation

Addition & subtraction has never been so much fun! Come explore how our bodies can be used to showcase pattern, shape and number manipulation with a unique experience presented by Decidedly Jazz Danceworks.

  • Grades 5-6
  • Math in Motion

Fractions and Space

Imagine your classmates were points on a graph. How would you translate their shape? How would you reflect their shape? Can fractions really be taught using rhythm? TELUS Spark and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks have teamed up to create a total unique learning experience.

Curriculum ties: 

  • Numbers 
  • Patterns & Relations – Patterns 
  • Shape & Space - Measurement  
  • Shape & Space - 3-D Objects & 2-D Shapes  
  • Shape & Space - Transformations


About Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

Rooted in the history of jazz dance and music, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (DJD) is constantly innovating and evolving this art form. DJD, a registered charity, is a professional dance company that creates original performances, offers professional training to those wishing to specialize in jazz dance, provides outreach programs that educate the community about the history and importance of jazz in North American culture, and is Calgary’s largest recreational dance school.

For any Math In Motion questions, please call 403.817.6802

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