DIY Science Centre
Next DIY Science School program: February - May 2023

DIY Science Centre

Students building science exhibits guided by STEAM professionals


DIY Science Centre is offered to the school groups in grades 5-12 at the cost of $19 per student. This includes field trips, in-class visits, ongoing support, and the Celebration of Learning.


Teachers are encouraged to register their classes in grades 5-12.


Next DIY Science School program: February - May 2023


[email protected] or call 403.817.6802

Hey Teachers: grab your students and build a science exhibit...IN-PERSON!

Teachers, it is time to immerse your students in some seriously super science in DIY Science Centre. This is a program that will challenge students to build their very own science exhibit, guided by Spark Science Guides and local professionals. Grade 5-12 students will get to dive deep into the design-thinking process, as they explore science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (otherwise known as STEAM).

Students get the opportunity to practice their science communication skills, as they create a science exhibit to show off in the Celebration of Learning. Additionally, student will learn about STEAM concepts while building their skills in problem-solving, teamwork, innovation and critical-thinking skills.


  • $19 per student, which includes field trips, in-class visits and ongoing support throughout the project from Spark Science Guides and local professionals.

What's included

  • Teacher PD sessions through video calls.
  • Admission to Spark for an introduction to the project and design thinking workshops led by Spark staff.
  • Two in-class visits by Spark staff members and local professionals in STEAM careers to mentor the students and provide feedback on student projects.
  • Ongoing support from a Spark project coordinator.
  • Celebration of Learning at the end of the semester, where students will showcase their prototype exhibits.

Reserve your spot!

To register for the February to May 2023 program, please email [email protected] or call 403.817.6802

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