Prototype Project

Prototype Project

Students building science exhibits, guided by STEAM professionals!


Prototype Project

*Formerly DIY Science Centre


February - May 2024


Grades 5-12


$19 per student

Build a science exhibit prototype!

Prototype Project (formerly called DIY Science Centre) is part of the new Beakerhead suite of education programs, offering dynamic learning opportunities that can go beyond the curriculum.

This semester-long program includes a combination of classroom visits and experiences at the science centre.

Guided by Spark Science Educators and mentors from the science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) fields, students will build a prototype of their very own science exhibit. Along the way, they’ll dive deep into the design-thinking process and explore a STEAM subject of their choosing.

Students will also have a chance to practice their science communication skills at the Celebration of Learning grand finale at Spark when they show off their exhibits to their family and friends.

Spring Program

February – May 2024


  • February 5 – 9: teacher orientations (virtual).
  • February 12 – 23: student orientations (at Spark).
  • February 26 – March 8: mentor session 1 (in school).
  • April 5 – April 19: mentor session 2 (in school).
  • April 22 – April 30: mentor session 3 (in-school).
  • May 2: Celebration of Learning (at Spark).

What's included:

  • Teacher PD sessions through video calls.
  • A class fieldtrip to Spark for an introduction to the project and exhibit design workshops led by Spark staff.
  • At least two in-class visits by Spark staff members and mentors to provide guidance to the students and provide feedback on their projects.
  • Ongoing support from a Spark project coordinator.
  • The Celebration of Learning event at the end of the semester, where students will showcase their prototype exhibits.

Concepts uncovered:

  • Design thinking
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Science communication
  • Relevant curricular connections

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