Direct From The Whale Trail

Direct From The Whale Trail

Suitable for Grades 3-5


September 2021 - June 2022

10am-11am MST / 9am-10am PST


Zoom - Participants will receive a link after registering

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TELUS Spark Science Centre


Individual Student/Household: $5

Per class online (up to 35 students): $100

Per class at Spark (up to 35 students): $245


Best suited for grades 3-5

Grab your flippers, it is time to swim up the Whale Trail!

Dive into the waters of Canada's West Coast with Ocean Wise marine expert Andrew Lang Wong. Live from Vancouver, students will get to help Andrew identify marine animals and learn about what makes this ocean ecosystem so unique. Let's not forget about the whales - the West Coast of Canada is home to some of the most extraordinary animals in the world! This Direct From episode brings students up close and personal with humpbacks, orcas, and other cetaceans through footage taken from the field by Ocean Wise researchers. Student questions will be answered throughout the program, and there will be time for Q&A with hosts at the end of the program.

Whales are breathtaking to see in the wild, and incredibly important to healthy ocean ecosystems. Discover the Whale Trail to learn about the amazing animals you can see from the shores of North America, along with some of the threats that challenge their survival. Footage from Ocean Wise research teams will bring students onto the water and up close with these ocean giants. 

This interactive offering will give your students the opportunity to connect with marine experts live on the Pacific coast.  


At TELUS Spark

One Session: $245 per class (includes admission to the science centre)


$5 per student, or $100 per class (up to 35 students)


September 16, 2021 - online only

November 18, 2021

December 16, 2021

February 17, 2022

April 7, 2022

May 12, 2022

June 16, 2022

About Ocean Wise

Ocean Wise is a globally focused conservation organization on a mission to protect and restore the world’s oceans. Through research, education, direct-action conservation and field projects, we empower communities to take action for ocean health.

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Curriculum Ties


  • Survival needs of organisms 
  • Biodiversity in the local environment 
  • Sensing and responding of organisms 
  • Behavioural adaptations of animals 
  • Interconnectedness and sustainability  
  • Human impacts on ecosystem sustainability 
  • Human roles in the stewardship and restoration of ecosystems 


  • Grade 1: Needs of Animals and Plants 
  • Grade 3: Animal Life cycles 
  • Grade 5: Wetland Ecosystems 
  • Grade 7: Interactions and Ecosystems 

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Andrew Lang Wong

Andrew spent many of his summers as a child camping on the coast of British Columbia and scanning the ocean for whales. He recently finished studying Global Resource Systems at UBC and is passionate about climate change, food systems, and the ocean!

He is currently an online educator at Ocean Wise conservation association, where he gets to talk about ocean animals, ecosystems, and climate change every day. He is also working on the Seaforestation initiative to explore how seaweed can help us combat climate change!

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