PD Day Camps
Camps for ages 5-12!

PD Day Camps

Days off, or days of science?


$74 per Camper (GST included)

Spark members receive 10% off!


Camp Times: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Drop-off: 8:00 - 9:00 AM

Pick-up: 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Age Groups

Camps for young science minds between ages 5-12.


Free 30-minute parking for pick up and drop off (onsite registration required).

Hands-on, immersive moments of science discovery!

Make the days off from school brighter with a TELUS Spark Science Centre Camp! Campers will travel to faraway places in the Infinity Dome theatre and forge lasting connections to science through live science demonstrations. Each camp has its own special theme and skill-building STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) activities.

Upcoming 2023 Dates:

January 27

January 30

February 3

February 16

February 17

March 10

March 17

May 5

May 29

June 9

Spark members receive 10% off camp prices. Prices include GST. Please note that all campers must be registered online no less than 24 hours before the start of the camp.

Exploration and play

Each camp includes time to explore and play in Spark's galleries and spaces.

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Infinity Dome theatre

Campers will be immersed in a unique 360-degree visual experience.

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Hands-on activities

Spark camps are bursting with engaging, hands-on science activities designed to expand curious minds.

Complimentary before and after care

Complimentary before and after care is included in registration, running from 8:00-9:00 AM and 4:00-5:00 PM.


  • AGES 5-7

Balancing Act

Watch that balance! Try a choreographed magnetic ice skating routine and a centre of gravity challenge with pipe cleaner models!

  • AGES 8-11

Meet Your Match

On top of fun DIY Foosball games, take part in a data tracking and experimentation competition in The Great Bottle Flip Challenge!



  • AGES 5-7

Tiny Tournaments

Explore the mechanics behind finger football, and then build the track and sled for a DIY Gummy Bear Bobsledding!

  • AGES 8-11

Sports with Sphero

Learn the math concepts of pitch, roll and yaw with Sphero coding robots, and then use those skills to code a Sphero through an obstacle course!



  • AGES 9-12

Sphero Olympics

Learn the math concepts of pitch, roll and yaw with Sphero coding robots, and then use those skills to code a Sphero through an obstacle course!



  • AGES 5-6

Anti-Gravity Acts

In this circus-infused camp, design a structure that can balance on fingers or noses, and create a mini tumble toy!

  • AGES 7-8

Boundless Builders

In this hands-on experience, campers will build, test and redesign a trampoline, and even take part in a bridge building and pendulum challenge!

  • AGES 9-12

Sparking Structures

Makey Makey turns everyday objects into computer interfaces…need an introduction? In this electrifying experience, campers will build a SMART home using this popular learning tool.

  • AGES 5-6

Adventure Architects

Design a marble paper plate maze, and then complete a Floor Is Lava-style building challenge: how many toy bears can be rescued?

  • AGES 7-8

Motion Masters

This camp is non-stop fun! Design a DIY water wheel and then keep it moving into a paper clip chain challenge.

  • AGES 9-12

Mindful Minecraft

After warming up in a balloon tower challenge, flex those design skills and build a home based on an empathy challenge!



  • AGES 5-6

Crafty Circuits

Ever want to paint with magnets? This is the ticket! In this camp, grab an introduction to magnets and circuits, and make some art in the process!

  • AGES 7-8

Invention Generators

Get those brain synapses firing and put your own GREAT BIG IDEAS to the test by building a recycling sorting machine and a scribble bot.

  • AGES 9-12

TinkerCAD Technicians

In this high tech deep-dive, campers will experiment with TinkerCAD, an app for 3D design, electronics and coding, as well as MicroBit, a pocket-sized computer that shows how hardware and software works together.



  • AGES 5-7

Charged Achievements

In this introduction to circuits, campers will build recycling sorting machine and get up close and personal with some squishy circuits.

  • AGES 8-11

Circuit Coders

In this high tech deep-dive, campers will experiment with TinkerCAD, an app for 3D design, electronics and coding, as well as MicroBit, a pocket-sized computer that shows how hardware and software works together.



  • AGES 5-6

Mini Music Makers

Young campers will be challenged to use drums to make different sounds…and then design and build their own kazoo or harmonica.

  • AGES 7-8

Beasts and Beats

Why wait for the call of the wild when you can make your own? In this camp, create a membraphone and make a moose, duck or chicken call!



  • AGES 5-6

Spy Secrets

It’s no secret that this spy-infused camp is a full day of fun! On top of a fingerprint forensics activity, campers will be challenged to camouflage an object into its environment.

  • AGES 7-8

Science of Surveillance

Explore light, optics, mirrors and circuits in this action-packed experience, where campers will create DIY periscopes and mini flashlights.

  • AGES 9-12

Code Makers and Breakers

What’s more satisfying than breaking a complex code?! Campers will tackle puzzles head-on, problem-solve using code and create a game with Python programming.



  • AGES 5-6

Plant Pals

As the weather heats up campers will create chlorophyll paintings, have fun in a chlorophyll removal demo and make DIY Chia Pets.

  • AGES 7-8

Leaf Lab

In this unbe-leaf-able experience, campers will embrace their inner gardener-slash-biologist and take part in a “design your own seed” challenge!

  • AGES 9-12

Botany Bots

In this tech-infused deep-dive, campers will use Arduino, an open-source prototype platform, to explore agricultural engineering…even build and code an Arduino robot!


Spark's one-day fun-tastic science camps are designed to build real skills (using real tools, btw) and create lasting connections with science!

Each camp includes hands-on STEAM-related activities, an Infinity Dome show and time to explore Spark galleries. Please have the following details ready when you book:

  • Member ID (if applicable)
  • Camper's name
  • Alberta Health Care Number
  • Camper's date of birth
  • List of allergies, medical conditions, special needs
  • Emergency contact information
  • List of authorized individuals to pick up child from camp

Changes or cancellations:

A fee of $10 will apply for cancellations up to two weeks prior to your camp start date. There will be no refunds issued after that date.

More Information

    • What are Spark Camps all about?

      Spark's themed PD Day Camps focus on hands-on science, technology, engineering and art activities, as well as exploring the exhibits, watching Infinity Dome theatre shows, interacting with live science demonstrations and enjoying outdoor adventures. Campers may get a little messy, but that's how new skills are forged and confidence is built. Play is essential for healthy growth, so organized games are mixed in with free play time at every camp.

    • Can I send someone else to pick up my child?

      Parents/guardians are required to have documented the name, phone number and relationship of who will be picking up their camper on the sign in/out sheet. The name provided much match the government issued ID presented by the person picking up the child. Add an alternate pick-up person by calling or emailing Spark from a number/email address that we have on the Camper’s file, or by adding someone to the camper’s file on the morning of drop-off. Camp staff will not allow an adult that's not listed on your camper’s file to take the camper home. Picture ID is required for all adults picking up campers.

    • Do I have to pay for parking when picking up and dropping off my child?

      The first 45 minutes of parking is free for parents and caregivers dropping off and picking up campers! Simply activate a free 45-minute parking session at the ParkPlus terminals near the front doors. Beyond this time limit, parking is a $10 flat fee for the day...but remember, all Spark Members receive free parking year-round!

    • Can I pick up my child early?

      If a parent/guardian requires taking their camper out early for any reason, just let the camp leaders know in the morning at drop-off. When arriving for early pick-up, please check in with the front desk staff who can help locate your child’s camp.

    • Do we need to arrange transportation for camps at other locations around the city?

      Should a camp include an off-site location, Spark arranges all off-site transportation for the campers. That cost is already included in your registration fee.

    • What is your policy on aggressive behaviour?

      Spark works hard to ensure that camps are an amazing experience for everyone, from staff to campers and other visitors. Part of that commitment requires that we ensure no child disrupts the enjoyment or safety of the other campers through ongoing aggressive behaviour, bullying, the use of inappropriate language or other disruptive actions. Spark actively monitor these behaviours and, after appropriate steps are taken with the parent, may request a camper leave the camp altogether.

    • Where should we drop campers off upon arrival?

      A camp staff or volunteer will greet parents and campers and help locate the camper’s room.

    • What should my child bring/wear?

      Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather forecast. Please dress for a bit of mess as well! An extra set of clothes for younger campers is also a good idea. Pack two snacks (for morning and afternoon breaks) and a lunch, too. When packing a lunch and snacks, please ensure that they are peanut-free.

    • What time do camps start and end?

      Camp hours are 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM with complimentary before (8:00 - 9:00 AM) and after (4:00 - 5:00 PM) care, which requires no extra sign up (it's built in and available if needed!).

    • What if my child is under the recommended age for the program?

      Spark strives to ensure campers get the most out of their experience. Camps are designed and tested to be challenging enough only for the specified age range. Campers under 5 years old tend to find Spark full day camps too challenging, so parents of kids under 5 are encouraged to check out the half day camp options at some of the other camps in the city.

    • When should we arrive?

      No later than 8:50 AM is recommended! Camp staff will be able to assist with sign-in promptly at 9:00 AM. Remember that complimentary care is offered from 8:00 - 9:00 AM and campers can be dropped off any time in that window.

    • What happens on the first day?

      Bring completed camp-related form(s) and try to remember the camp name! Many camps may be running concurrently across many age groups, so that knowledge helps speed up the morning sign-in process. Upon arrival, signs and staff will help guide the way.

    • What if I'm late picking up my child?

      Please be prompt and contact Spark at (403) 817-6800. If a camper is not picked up by 5:15 PM, and Spark is unable to contact a guardian, child services will be contacted.

    • Are electronic devices permitted at the Camps?

      Spark requests that all electronic devices (including mobile phones, iPods, tablets, cameras and gaming consoles) be left at home to avoid loss or damage.

    • When is payment required?

      Payment in full is required at the time of booking. Refunds are available for cancellations up to two weeks prior to a camp start date, but a $25 administrative fee will apply.

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