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PD Camps

Days off, or days of science?


February 15, 2024
February 16, 2024
March 8, 2024
April 19, 2024
May 17, 2024


$77 per Camper (GST included)

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Camp Times: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Drop-off: 8:00 - 9:00 AM

Pick-up: 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Age Groups

Camps for young science minds between ages 5-12.


  • AGES 5-6

Float your Boat

Campers will learn about buoyancy and what makes things float or sink. Then, they will apply their new found knowledge to building a paddle boat that propels all by itself.

  • AGES 7-8

Building Up Battlements

In this camp, campers will learn how simple machines and basic physics were used during early castle warfare. Plus, they will build their own mini trebuchet and a castle wall with a working drawbridge. Cap it all off by staging the ultimate mini medieval standoff.

  • AGES 9-12

Dreams of Robotic Knights

In 1495 da Vinci invented his mechanical knight, an invention that’s been labelled as the earliest humanoid robot.

Campers will learn about the engineering behind da Vinci’s invention as well as build and code their own mini knight inspired by the design.


  • AGES 5-6

Let there be Flight!

What goes up must come down and, in this camp, campers are going to build inventions that can do both. Campers will build and test their own mini helicopter and create a gravity defying parachute sure to provide a soft landing.

  • AGES 7-8

Fast Lane Physics

From cars to planes, the world is full of inventions that get people to where we need to go.

Campers will learn about the physics that allows a bird or plane to glide through the air, then design and assemble their own self-propelled wind-up car.

  • AGES 9-12

Bridging the Gap

Bridges come in all different shapes and sizes and are influenced by engineering principles. Campers will create a popsicle stick bridge and then test the power of its suspension by learning about the science behind it.


  • AGES 5-7

Light Masters

How does light travel and how can it be guided to a specific spot? In this camp, campers will learn about how waves travel and build their own mini laser maze.

Then campers will learn how to create and manipulate shadows and conclude by creating their own shadow puppet plays.

  • AGES 8-11

Photons and Physics

Campers will learn how rainbows are created and how the human eye perceives colour and movement. Then, they will test their perception of sight by building a kaleidoscope and creating their very own flip book.


  • AGES 5-6

Light, Shadow, Action!

How does light travel and how can it be guided to a specific spot? In this camp, campers will learn about how waves travel and build their own mini laser maze.

Then campers will learn how to create and manipulate shadows and conclude by creating their own shadow puppet plays.

  • AGES 7-8

Awesome Optics

Campers will learn how rainbows are created and how the human eye perceives color and movement. Then, they will test their perception of sight by building a kaleidoscope and creating their very own working thaumatrope (as seen in the photo).

  • AGES 9-12

Bonds & Electrons

Look closer at Earth and observe the manipulative forces at play. In this camp, campers will harness the power of surface tension to build a working model of a water strider.

Then they will accelerate the application of energy to learn about the relationship between magnets and electricity by building their very own mini-electromagnet.


  • AGES 5-6

Cheeky Chimps

Think like a primatologist and dig deep into all the ways humans are like their closest biological relatives – the chimpanzees!

Compare the differences between human and chimp physiology, plus how humans and primates use facial expressions very differently to communicate. Then, campers will build their very own monkey puppet using their knowledge learned about primate behavior.

  • AGES 7-8

Tool Masters

Primates have amazing brains that often rivals humans. In this camp, campers will be put to the test by learning about primate adaptations through a “Tool Using Obstacle Course”.

Then, campers will learn how humans have taught sign language to primates so they can have stronger communication between species. Campers will learn basic sign language and be able to sign like the primates do!

  • AGES 9-12

Research the Remarkable

Inspired by the work of primatologist Jane Goodall, campers are going to take a deep dive into the skills every scientist needs to do their work out in the wild.

Campers will learn the basics of plant and animal taxonomy and try their hand at environmental observation that could lead to exciting discoveries.

Spark's one-day fun-tastic science camps are designed to build real skills (using real tools, btw) and create lasting connections with science!

Each camp includes hands-on STEAM-related activities, an Infinity Dome show and time to explore Spark galleries. Please have the following details ready when you book:

  • Member ID (if applicable)
  • Camper's name
  • Alberta Health Care Number
  • Camper's date of birth
  • List of allergies, medical conditions, special needs
  • Emergency contact information
  • List of authorized individuals to pick up child from camp

Changes or cancellations:

A fee of $25 will apply for cancellations up to two weeks prior to your camp start date. There will be no refunds issued after that date.

More Information

    • What are Spark PD Camps all about?

      Spark's PD Day Camps focus on themed hands-on science, technology, engineering and art activities, exploring exhibits, Infinity Dome Theatre shows, live science demonstrations and outdoor adventures. The days are all about the process; we get a little messy, but we learn new skills and take some exciting risks along the way to build confidence. Play is essential for healthy growth, so we mix organized games and free play time into every day at camp.

    • How do I know if Camp programs at Telus Spark are a good fit for my child?

      At Telus Spark we theme our camps around Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math topics and design fun and hands on experiences that your child can learn through. An affinity for these topics is a good start but Spark makes sure that the programs appeal to a wide variety of interest and learning needs.

      2-3 hours every day is also spent in the galleries and outdoor spaces. Please note that these spaces are considered busy public spaces and as such will require more of your child than other camps that operate in private spaces away from the public. Therefore, there are two main guidelines all children, regardless of age, need to be able to follow in order to remain safe and have fun in our camps. Those guidelines are:

      1. They need to be able to follow the verbal instructions provided to them by their camp leader. This includes following the behaviour expectations set for them at the beginning of the day and throughout the day at camp.

      2. They need to be able to stay with their group at all times.

      Repeated incidents that show that a child is not able to follow one or both of these guidelines will lead to a conversation with their guardian about their ability to remain at camp. These conversations are focused primarily around safety. If it is clear that remaining at camp is not a safe choice for a camper or those around them, that camper may be asked to leave or go home early.

    • Can I send someone else to pick up my child?

      Parents/guardians are required to have documented the name, phone number and relationship of who will be picking up their camper on the sign in/out sheet. The name provided much match the government issued ID presented by the person picking up the child. Add an alternate pick-up person by calling or emailing Spark from a number/email address that we have on the Camper’s file, or by adding someone to the camper’s file on the morning of drop-off. Camp staff will not allow an adult that's not listed on your camper’s file to take the camper home. Picture ID is required for all adults picking up campers.

    • Do I have to pay for parking when picking up and dropping off my child?

      The first 45 minutes of parking is free for parents and caregivers dropping off and picking up campers! Simply activate a free 45-minute parking session at the ParkPlus terminals near the front doors. Beyond this time limit, parking is a $10 flat fee for the day...but remember, all Spark Members receive free parking year-round!

    • Can I pick up my child early?

      If a parent/guardian requires taking their camper out early for any reason, just let the camp leaders know in the morning at drop-off. When arriving for early pick-up, please check in with the front desk staff who can help locate your child’s camp.

    • Do we need to arrange transportation for camps at other locations around the city?

      Should a camp include an off-site location, Spark arranges all off-site transportation for the campers. That cost is already included in your registration fee.

    • What is your policy on aggressive behaviour?

      Spark works hard to ensure that camps are an amazing experience for everyone, from staff to campers and other visitors. Part of that commitment requires that we ensure no child disrupts the enjoyment or safety of the other campers through ongoing aggressive behaviour, bullying, the use of inappropriate language or other disruptive actions. Spark actively monitor these behaviours and, after appropriate steps are taken with the parent, may request a camper leave the camp altogether.

    • Where should we drop campers off upon arrival?

      A camp staff or volunteer will greet parents and campers on the first day of camp and help you locate your camper’s room. It is required that campers be dropped off by their designated guardian at their classroom space for every day they are attending camp.

    • What should my child bring/wear?

      Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather forecast. We often run programs outdoors if the weather permits and we always include an outdoor recess in the Brainasium Outdoor Park. Please dress for a bit of mess as well; we suggest you bring an extra set of clothes for younger campers in case your child gets their clothing wet while experiencing activities at water tables. You won't need to send any supplies with the campers, other than two snacks (for morning and afternoon breaks) and a lunch. When packing a lunch and snacks for your child, please ensure that they are peanut-free.

    • What time do camps start and end?

      Camp hours are 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. with complimentary before (8AM-9AM) and after (4PM-5PM) care.

      Once signed up for Camp, you do not need to register for our complimentary before or after care. Please know that it’s available if you need it.

    • What if my child is under the recommended age for the program?

      Spark strives to ensure that all campers get the most out of their experience. Our camps are designed and tested to be challenging enough only for the specified age range. Spark is happy to allow campers to attend any camp, provided they turn the minimum age required by the first day of camp. Campers under 5 years old tend to find our full day camps too challenging, so we encourage parents of kids under 5 to check out the half day camp options at some of the other camps in the city.

    • When should we arrive?

      No later than 8:50 AM is recommended to check in and find your room! Camp staff will be able to assist with sign-in promptly at 9:00 AM. Telus Spark Science Centre offers complimentary care from 8AM - 9AM. Campers can be dropped off any time in that window.

      Please allow a bit of extra time for drop-off on the first morning as collecting forms and confirming information can slow things down – we thank you in advance for your patience.

    • What happens during a PD day Camp?

      Bring your completed form(s) with you and know which camp your camper is in. Spark has many camps that run concurrently, and more than one camp theme for the same age groups, so knowing where you are headed helps speed up the morning sign-in process. When you arrive, there will be signs and staff to help you find your Campers camp room. There you will meet your child’s camp leaders and they will assist you in signing in your camper.

      Once drop off is complete, your camper will experience a full day of exploration and activities. On every PD day we spend time in our galleries and outdoor spaces, have more focused group learning during two classroom programs connected to your camp theme, and watch one live science demo or dome show. Each camp day also includes time for lunch as well as a morning and afternoon snack break.

    • What if I'm late picking up my child?

      Please be prompt and contact Spark at 403-703-8929 or 403-852-4308. If a camper is not picked up by 5:15 PM, and Spark is unable to contact a guardian, child services will be contacted. Telus Spark Science Centre offers complimentary after care between 4PM-5PM.

    • Are electronic devices permitted at the Camps?

      Spark requests that all electronic devices (including mobile phones, iPods, tablets, cameras and gaming consoles) be left at home to avoid loss or damage.

    • When is payment required?

      Payment in full is required at the time of booking. Refunds are available for cancellations up to two weeks prior to a camp start date, but a $25 administrative fee will apply.

    • What is the refund/cancellation policy?

      If a cancellation occurs less than two weeks before the scheduled camp, a refund may not be applicable. However, in specific cases, such as illness or unforeseen situations, please reach out to Spark directly to discuss potential solutions. All refunds will be issued in the form of a Spark Gift Card unless the Management team decides otherwise.

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