Spark After Dark: Greatest Hits
Spark After Dark (18+)

Greatest Hits: Throwback With Spark

Grab your favourite sweater and bestie and ring in the holidays!


December 9, 2022


6:00 PM - Midnight


Admission $26
Included in Spark Membership


Adults only 18+
Must have valid photo ID

Grab your besties, your fave ugly sweater and come on over the ring in the holiday season at the final Spark After Dark of the year!

Few things are more powerful than nostalgia, especially during the twinkliest time of year! This final Spark After dark of the year will bring back all the fun memories and best moments of 2022 events!

Remember that one with the heart dissections? Miss the one with Beer Sample Garden? Forgot to take notes during the joint rolling session?

Join Spark on December 9, from 6:00 PM to midnight, as we gather to celebrate the best parts from ALL of the previous Spark After Darks of 2022. It is time to look back at the nights: The Heart of It, This is Your Brain On Drugs, Beyond the Rainbow, The Games People Play and Bon Appétit! Explore the fun and science behind all of the past themes of Spark After Dark - all while enjoying delicious bites, drinks, science and live music!

What can you expect from an 18+ night at the science centre?

  • The entire science centre is open for adults only! 
  • On the main stage, watch Queen Valerie Hunt lip sync to holiday classics and iconic games like the corn eating contest. 
  •  Prepare to be amazed by the night's headliner Chris Funk – The Wonderist Redefining Wonder Magician! 
  • Sample ciders, beers and more form local craft breweries and distilleries. 
  • Enjoy sessions in the Infinity Dome by industry experts: Dr. Kathleen Hughes, David Harder, David McRaney and Sean Campbell. 
  • Experience the traditional way to make wine by stomping in large barrels of grapes. 
  • Enjoy full-service bars, the nights feature cocktail, the Sub Zero and themed snacks.  
  • Listen to live music from Joel Fraser and DJ Chris Brennan. 
  • Enjoy food games, a human claw machine... and so much more. 

Spark Memberships for Adults and Students

During Spark After Dark, Spark Members receive all kinds of perks like free parking and admission to events, as well as a 15% discount at the Spark Eatery, Astronaut Ice Cream café and the Spark Store! Buy a Spark Membership here, and always have exclusive access to science!

  • Event Host

Queen Valerie Hunt

Bringing campy, comedy, era-inspired fashions and an over-the-top cartoony personality, it’s the super saturated diva, Valerie Hunt! Star and finalist on Season 1 of “Call Me Mother” Val is never a dull moment and wholeheartedly brings silly, whimsical humour to the Calgary scene!

  • Inspiration Stage
  • Main Showcase

Chris Funk – The Wonderist Redefining Wonder Magician

Chris Funk’s REDEFINING WONDER is an engaging and visceral multimedia experience that has audiences talking and scratching their heads for years to come. Finally, a MAGIC SHOW WITH LIVE MUSIC! Chris has pioneered the use of instruments like the violin, guitar, flute and more into his illusions.


  • Spark Eatery

Joel Fraser Music

Joel is an instrumental finger-style guitar player that has performed all over North America for over 15 years. With his unique take on how to play the guitar and beautiful melodic lines, you are sure to be moved by his creative take on the acoustic guitar.

Time: 7:30 PM, 9:00 PM and 10:30 PM


Food Market and Beer Sample Garden

Enjoy the best of local breweries and distilleries, or try a bunch of delicious fall-themed food in the market! After filling your bellies, sit back and enjoy the main stage featuring buskers, beer hall style games and more!


The Santa Claw

Ever wonder what it is like the BE THE CLAW in a claw machine? Get hoisted up into a life-size claw machine, and get lowered into a pit full of prizes where you have 30 seconds to grab as many goodies as you can.

The Human Claw is $10 for Spark After Dark: Greatest Hits

Please note: riders of the human claw must weigh 150 lbs or less.


Serotonin Boost with PALS

Pet Access League Society (PALS) provides Pet Visitation Therapy to over 60 facilities in the City of Calgary. Boost those serotonin receptors in your brain by playing with these adorable fur-friends all night long!


DJ Chris Brennan

Chris Brennan has made a career out of music. His passion for music and teaching spans to the next generation, through tutoring at foundations such as the Legacy Children’s Foundation in Calgary, and one-on-one lessons with his son. 2020 will be his biggest year to date, with Slush Cup, summer parties, festivals, and of course, his weekly radio show all on the horizon.


Grape Smash

Yes, just like the famous viral video! All guests have the chance to stomp grapes and experience how wine is made the ol’ fashioned way.


Animal Anatomy

Ever wondered what a sheep's heart looks like? How about dissecting one? Visit Open Studio Workshop and get your hands on a heart to see how it works.


Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society

Turn up the heat with volunteer fire fighters and snap a pic for a good cause!

The Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society (CFBTS) is a registered non-profit charity organization supported by 1400+ professional Calgary Firefighters.


Harm Reduction Info Booth and Naloxone Training with SafeLink Alberta

Canada’s drug toxicity crisis continues to impact Albertans, causing opioid poisonings and death. SafeLink Alberta will be on site providing naloxone demonstrations, teaching how to recognize and response to an opioid poisoning, and distributing naloxone kits


Improv in a Robot World with The Kinkonauts

The Kinkonauts have been delighting audiences, developing improvisers, and building community for more than 15 years. Every show is a unique, never to be repeated adventure. Enjoy the tightrope thrill of performers living in the moment. Spontaneous stories and characters you’ll still be laughing about on the car ride home.


8:00 and 8:45 PM


Tye Dye Session

YYC Tie Dye was started by Chris MacKinnon in early 2020 as a pandemic experiment; After becoming aware of the waste in the fashion industry an idea was sparked: create a brand of custom dyed wears focused on sustainability and supporting local.



In Flux: How do Friendships Change in our 20s & 30s, with Dr. Kathleen Hughes

What is typical for friendships in adulthood? How does our maturity, our personality, and our careers impact how often we see friends, think about friends, and make new friends? This talk will explore the developmental trajectories of friendship closeness, intimacy, and security as we transition from our early 20s to our mid 30s. Also, we’ll talk about the realities of making new friends in adulthood.


6:00 to 6:45 PM

7:00 to 7:45 PM


Your Brain on Psychedelics with David Harder

David Harder is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of ATMA Journey Centers. David has worked full-time for the past 5 years in researching, advocation, and moving the work of non-ordinary state therapy and psychedelic medicine forward in Canada. David is the Director of Catalyst Presents, a Psychedelic Research Conference. David is dedicated to bringing psychedelic-assisted therapy to Canadians which was successful in achieving one of Canada’s first modern legal exemptions to undertake psychedelic-assisted work. With a Master’s degree in religious studies and has been both a college professor and international humanitarian relief worker, David has always dedicated himself to the service of others. He brings a deep experience and reverence for psychedelic medicine and believes that it will play a key role in bringing healing to humanity.


7:00 to 7:30 PM


How Minds Change: The Surprising Science of Persuasion with David McRaney

Humanity’s greatest skill is the capacity to change our minds. We each have the power to give up old beliefs, to replace old ignorance with new wisdom, to shift our attitudes in light of new evidence, and to free ourselves from outdated dogma, harmful traditions, and the diminishing returns of defunct politics and practices. The ability to realize we are wrong is baked right into the gooey mess of neurons wobbling around in every human head. So why does it seem so hard to change other minds, and what does science say about how minds change in general?


9:30 to 10:00 PM


Foraging for Fungi: A Brief Survey of the Wilde Mushrooms of Alberta with Sean Campbell

The talk will begin with an overview of the fungi that can be found in the more humid regions of Alberta. The overview will cover the types of fungi that can be found, as well as their ecological interactions. Then the talk will focus on a few species; Amanita muscaria, morchellaelata, and Coprinus comatus, and provide more detailed descriptions of their ecological, cultural, and pharmacological value.


8:30 PM


    • Is there an ATM on site?

      An ATM is located on the second floor at the top of the entry stairs, outside of the Spark Eatery.

    • I'm a member, do I need a ticket?

      Due to capacity and previous events selling out, reserving a ticket online ahead of time is highly encouraged.

    • Can I buy tickets at the door?

      You can, but due to capacity and previous events selling out, reserving a ticket online ahead of time is highly encouraged.

    • Are children allowed?

      Spark After Dark is an 18+ event only. So, no children.

    • How much is parking?

      Parking is FREE for Spark members. For everyone else, parking is $7 and is managed by Calgary Parking Authority through ParkPlus. If paying through the ParkPlus mobile app, enter Zone 8310 or use one of the pay machines located near the front doors. To pay online with ParkPlus, click here.

    • Will the entire science centre be open for this event?

      Yes! That includes the Digital Immersion Gallery, Earth and Sky gallery, Being Human gallery, Open Studio, Infinity Dome, Spark Eatery and Astronaut Ice Cream café. Unfortunately, the Brainasium Outdoor Park will still be under renovation.

    • Is there overflow parking?

      Yes! If there is not enough room in the Spark parking lot, visitors are welcome to use the north parking lot of the Calgary Zoo at 84 St. Georges Drive NE. For more information, visit:

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