Astronaut Ice Cream café

Astronaut Ice Cream café

Shuttle up to Spark's café for ice cream that is out of cone-trol!


Café selections that are out-of-this-world


Front entrance, off the main lobby


Open during Spark business hours


Included in General Admission and a Spark Membership.

Parking is FREE for 45 mins

This café has lightyears of flavours - from Mercury all the way to Pluto!

No admission to Spark is needed to come and enjoy a swirl of ice cream, snacks, specialty drinks or a warm cup of Monogram coffee. Parking is FREE for the first 45 minutes.

New Summer Treats

  • JUNE 12 - SEPT 2
  • $6.95

Earthy Grounds Latte

Buzz with delight and enjoy a refreshing iced latte infused with chia seeds and Oreo crumbles, topped with a whimsical Red Ant shaped sugar cookie for a sippable summer treat!

  • JUNE 12 - SEPT 2
  • $6.95

Bug Juice Fizz

Go buggy for this bubbly concoction bursting with flavour and fun! This fizzy treat is made with flavoured syrup and soda water, complemented by lychee popping pearls, gummy worms, and edible glitter for a sweet and sparkling summer potion.

  • JUNE 12 - SEPT 2
  • $8.95


Indulge in creamy vanilla soft serve topped with butterfly gummies, colorful sprinkles, lychee popping pearls, and a Ladybug sugar cookie for a scrumptious summer delight for you to bug out on!


Astronaut Ice Cream

Astronauts need ice cream too! Think fluffy clouds of cotton candy for the winds on Neptune, cookies on a monster-sized Jupiter, a donut acting as Saturn’s rings, a cake pop for Earth’s moon, and more!


The James Webb

The James Webb, an award winning cone named after the incredible telescope, is a creation of vanilla soft serve ice cream poured into a waffle cone, topped with a yellow sugar cookie, honeycomb crumble, pink sugar sprinkle and three chocolate Pocky sticks.

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