Astronaut Ice Cream

Astronaut Ice Cream cafe

Nine planetary flavours that are outta CONE-trol! Plus, Monogram coffee and snacks.


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Blast off to explore the Solar System with some Astronaut Ice Cream!

Fun fact, one full day on Venus takes a whopping 225 Earth-days because of its super slow axis rotation!

Although the days are long on the planet Venus, the wait for Astronaut Ice Cream here on Earth is over! Yes, all nine planets, including Venus, are ready for tasting at Spark's newest cafe. Astronaut Ice Cream, has lightyears of flavours, from Mercury all the way to Pluto (yes, Pluto has been invited to this ice cream party of planets).

No admission to Spark is needed to come and enjoy a swirl of ice cream, snacks, specialty drinks or a warm cup of Monogram coffee.

Only one spacecraft, the Voyager 2, has flown past Neptune.

It happened in 1989 and captured the first close-up images of the Neptunian system. It took 246 minutes – four hours and six minutes – for signals from Voyager 2 to reach back to Earth.

Science is always in style, and is runway ready at this science centre!

Discover your science style today!

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