Astronaut Ice Cream
Ten flavours that are outta CONE-trol!

Astronaut Ice Cream café

Some things are worth melting for, like stellar ice cream that is out of CONE-trol!

Spark is Sirius about ice cream! The Astronaut Ice Cream café has lightyears of flavours, from Mercury all the way to Pluto, and the featured flavour: The James Webb.

New ice cream alert! The James Webb is topped with sponge toffee, sprinkles, chocolate sticks and a honeycomb cookie. This is in honour of the James Webb Space Telescope, which is an infrared telescope designed to study the universe.

No admission to Spark is needed to come and enjoy a swirl of ice cream, snacks, specialty drinks or a warm cup of Monogram coffee. Parking is FREE for the first 45 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to enjoy an ice cream!

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The James Webb Ice Cream Cone

Have you had a chance to try the new James Webb ice cream from the Astronaut Ice Cream café!? Not only is it an award winning telescope, but now, the James Webb is an award winning cone available only at Spark!

The James Webb Ice Cream won the Food and Beverage 'Best New Menu Item' from IAAPA, which recognizes significant achievement in the global attractions industry, making the James Webb Ice Cream cone the best new treat this side of the sun.

Spark is so proud of its very own in-house food and beverage team that ideated and created this winning ice cream. Led by Victor Bustamante and Robin Rong, there will surely be more cool treats on the horizon.

The James Webb Telescope

Did you know that the James Webb Telescope primary mirror has a diametre of 6.5 metres? In comparison the Hubble Telescope is 2.4 metres in diametre. The larger the mirror the more sensitivity a telescope has, which allows them to see further away and see things with more detail.

Shine with science at Spark!

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