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The Brainasium

Spark is reopening on July 11! 

Please note, all galleries and exhibits will be temporarily CLOSED at this time. Good news! The Brainasium Outdoor Park will remain open.

Check out new and freshly squeezed experiences here. 

Train your brain.

Experiment with a teeter-totter built for six, scramble across a 93-foot logjam, and climb up giant molecules at The Brainasium - our year-round, outdoor park.

As the place for extra adventure, people of all ages can try something challenging, get their hearts racing and prime their brains for new learning opportunities. This space is all about learning by doing, climbing, teetering, jumping and sliding.

Play is good for the brain.

Open-ended play makes it easier to learn new things and apply these skills in life:

  • Move five tonnes of rock without breaking a sweat
  • Play with big spinners and giant whistles
  • Discover inertia on sky-high swings
  • Work with friends to balance the swing scales
  • Seriously consider gravity by climbing 36 feet up a tower then sliding 63 feet down

Access to The Brainasium Outdoor Playground is included with your admission or membership and open all year-round!