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Ignite The Future of Science

This holiday season, your support fosters learning and drives transformative experiences with science in the community. Ensure no child misses out on discovery, and together, let's shape a world where the next generation thrives as problem-solvers and change-makers.

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Explore Spark’s new Holiday Countdown experience

Here for a limited time, as a part of SILVER & BOLD, 24 immersive spaces are located in Gallery 1 and fully Instagram-ready and waiting to be explored!

Take a walk through the Holiday Countdown and experience The Night before Flintmas, Cindy Loo Hoo’s lab, Baking with Science, a Teddy Bear Plunge, and so much more!

On until January 7.

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The Holidays have landed at Spark

Spark is glowing up this season with SILVER & BOLD! Enjoy a holiday AG-tivated science centre with fun experiences, delicious treats, a new Holiday Countdown experience, hands on science experiments, robots, shopping and so much more!

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Goodnight Moon

The great green room is back at spark this holiday season! Visitors of all ages can enjoy the immersive rendition of the story while interacting and playing with characters and images from the story's visual universe.

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  • DEC 8

Hands-on, immersive moments of science

Days off, or days of science and expert-led nerdery? Spark PD Day Camps ensure that no day off goes science-less! Sign up now for camps and give those PD days some extra Spark!

Fires and Fractals - Ages 9-12 - LIMITED SPOTS LEFT

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  • DEC 12

Direct From: The Operating Room

Paging all students to the operating room! In this exclusive peek inside an operating room at the Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary, witness a total knee replacement and learn from both an anesthesiologist and a surgeon.

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  • DEC 15

Greatest Hits 2023

There is nothing quite like the magic of nostalgia, especially during the most sparkling time of the year! This ultimate Spark After Dark (18+) event of 2023 will whisk guests back to all the unforgettable moments and incredible fun had throughout the year. Discover the science and fun behind each theme while indulging in scrumptious bites, creative drinks, and live music!

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  • DEC 31

Noon Years Eve

Celebrate Noon Year's Eve with a disco dance party that’s out of this world fun! Celebrations include a family-friendly disco party that will have the young ones dancing with joy, a countdown to Noon Years Eve complete with an exciting balloon pop and so much more. There’s even a quiet space with sensory-friendly activities! Balloon pop at 12:00 PM sharp.

  • JAN 31

Hack The House

An exciting and engaging event specifically designed for young teams of individuals aged 14 - 21 from across Alberta. Participants are challenged to put their engineering, creativity and collaborative skills to the test and ‘hack’ a piece of used household furniture by transforming it into a rideable machine that runs on sustainable power sources. Sign-up by January 31 to take part in Beakerhead 2023!

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  • FEB 2


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go undercover at the science centre after hours and learn about the dynamic spy world and the exciting technology that is required to be successful.

Use secret codes, master the technology of camouflage, and build a periscope, all the while competing against other teams for the highest score after completing all your challenges and missions.


Hold on to your lab coats!

The Open Studio Workshop is evolving into Steven’s Lab, a place set out to inspire the next generation of innovators through creative hands-on experiences with real scientific tools. Through mind boggling experiments and cutting-edge knowledge, Steven's Lab is where the future of science will come to life.

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