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Spark: Take a Break from Adulting

August 1, 2019
Posted By: TELUS Spark

You might remember visiting a science centre as a kid, either on a school field trip or with your parents on a rainy day. Either way, the experience probably went the same way: you arrive, hustle into the lobby and are instantly overwhelmed by the immensity of it all. You meet your tour guide, who leads you around the science centre quickly explaining the exhibits as you pass by them, and as soon as you find an exhibit that you really like, you are hurried along to the next! Discovery and excitement were blurred with structure and formality, leaving just a little bit to be desired. Maybe you missed the science demo that you really wanted to see, perhaps during your lunch you realized how badly you’d like to be playing outside, or maybe you just had to leave too soon.

Spark’s programming, exhibits and year-round outdoor playground ensure that field trips and weekend visits don’t leave you with a sense of longing for more, which is great for those young new science enthusiasts, but what about those of us who are still searching for that sense of scientific discovery we only got a taste of in the third grade? What about those of us who never really accepted that we were “grown up”? What about those of us who need a little science infused into our adult life?

Great news for all the not-so-grown-ups out there who need a break from adulting, Spark hosts a bevvy of after hours, 18+ events where you can trade-in emails, meetings and notifications for food, drinks and a whole lot of science!!! Whether you’re here to understand the Artistry of Alcohol, or just letting off some STEAM (pun intended) by playing indoors and out, you can relive your favourite field trips with all of the wonder and none of the structure! 

So grab a drink, linger at your favourite exhibit for as long as you like, slide down the 63’ slide as many times as you want! This is the no kids, no rush, no strings, choose-your-own-adventure science experience for anyone and everyone to enjoy!