Space: A Journey to the Moon & Beyond

SPACE: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond


A Digital Immersion Gallery experience.


February 10, 2024 - October 2024


Included with General Admission or a Spark Membership.


Suitable for all ages.

Take an extraordinary adventure to SPACE: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond at TELUS Spark! 

Fly through a technicolor nebula, kick up dust on the moon, and witness Saturn’s rings up close in this out-of-this-world immersive experience. Explore the galaxy through the James Webb telescope, with science seamlessly woven into each scene, creating a unique space exploration encounter.

From the iconic Apollo 11 lunar landing with Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to the cutting-edge Artemis missions, discover the future of moon exploration. Witness the lunar surface as never before and delve into NASA's ambitious plans for the first long-term human presence on the moon, paving the way for future Mars expeditions in the 2030s.

This cosmic adventure brings constellations to life, allowing you to capture memories with your favourite star clusters.

Get ready to take a giant leap into the unknown as SPACE: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond unveils the wonders of the solar system and beyond!

SPACE: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond, is developed by Illuminarium and showcased around the world.

Illuminarium Experiences is a global experiential company offering breakthrough immersive 360-degree cinematic entertainment in expansive, projected spaces. Presented in custom-designed venues, Illuminarium surrounds visitors in a sensory space of sight, sound and scale unlike any other, providing boundless experiences and a personal connection to the world around them. With a fully customizable canvas, Illuminarium is the ideal location for special events, group outings, and viewing parties. Created by Alan Greenberg, RadicalMedia and Rockwell Group, Illuminarium Experiences brings together best-in-class partners in content creation, theatrical design, interactive technologies and venue operations. Illuminarium has locations in Atlanta, Las Vegas and Toronto and additional markets to be announced soon. For more information and to purchase tickets, guests may visit


    • What can guests expect from this experience?

      SPACE: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond is an out-of-this-world immersive experience, taking visitors on an extraordinary journey across the galaxy. The exhibition will include interactive and visually-stunning imagery from the James Webb Telescope through the lens of Illuminarium’s high-tech animation systems and 360-degree fully immersive screens. Fly through the latest stunning images of nebula, kick up dust on the moon, see Saturn’s rings up close, and weave through an asteroid belt. A giant leap into the unknown, SPACE will transport you to places you’ve only ever imagined.

    • How much are tickets?

      SPACE: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond is included in General Admission to Spark. That means it’s free for Members! General Admission provides access to the whole science centre, including two floors of exhibit halls, two theatres, and live happenings on any given day!

    • Are food and drinks allowed inside this digital immersion experience?

      Food and drinks are not allowed in the Digital Immersion Gallery. Enjoy delicious goodies in the Eatery on the second floor or Astronaut Ice Cream café near the front lobby!

    • Who is this experience suitable for?

      SPACE: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond is suitable for people of all ages, though some may find this experience disorienting. If at any point you feel dizzy, stand still and close your eyes for a moment. If you are accompanying children or someone with sensory sensitivities, please hold their hand.

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