Spark After Dark: Artificial Intelligence and Us
Spark After Dark (18+)

Artificial Intelligence and Us

June 14, 2024 | 6PM - Midnight


Friday, June 14 2024


6:00 PM - Midnight


Adults only 18+
Must have valid photo ID

Join Spark for an adults-only night of debunking myths and diving headfirst into the future of AI.

Get comfortable with cutting-edge technology while learning how to interact with this new frontier!

What can you expect from this 18+ night at the science centre?

  • Enjoy full-service bars including the night's feature cocktail and a specialty-themed menu.  
  • Explore the frontier of AI-human interaction in the Byte-Sized Romance: Crafting Your Ideal Date workshop 
  • Decode Bias in AI Facial Recognition Technology  
  • Explore the intersection of AI and Creativity with the AI and Arts Panel 
  • Take in the display of select pieces from the Ascenti AI Project Art Show 
  • Grove to the music of the future with DJ SoniDef, 
  • Take a ride on RO5iE, the robot-coa5ter *additional cost apply

And here's a little extra for Spark Members.

During Spark After Dark events, Spark Members get VIP treatment, with perks like free parking and a fantastic 15% discount at the Spark Eatery, Astronaut Ice Cream café, and the Spark Store!

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  • Byte-Sized Romance
  • With Kenny Vo

Crafting Your Ideal Date

Explore the frontier of AI-human interaction in this social experiment workshop with Kenny Vo, AI programming professional and content creator. Discover how chatbots are crafted and programmed, then design your perfect date companion by teaching a chatbot desired personality traits. Test your creation in a thrilling speed dating event, exploring human-AI interaction.

This workshop offers insights into AI's potential and concludes with a Q&A on future AI development with Kenny. Join Spark for an evening of learning, laughter, and perhaps a touch of romance.

What’s included:

- Admission to Spark After Dark (18+): Artificial Intelligence and Us.

- 60-minute workshop where participants will design and test various Chatbot creations.

- One signature cocktail drink ticket per workshop participant.

Available Times:

6:30 – 7:30 PM

8:00 – 9:00 PM

9:30 – 10:30 PM


General Admission - $60.00 per person

Spark Members - $50.00 per person

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Generative AI – How-To

Gain practical insights into harnessing the power of AI-generated content with Dr. Lauren Dwyer from Mount Royal University, while maintaining ethical standards and ensuring accuracy. Learn essential techniques for guiding AI models, interpreting outputs, and integrating them seamlessly into your workflows. 


AI: More Than Human

Take a byte out of the future and experience AI like never before with the newest exhibition to hit Spark, AI: More Than Human. Explore digital media, immersive art installations, and interact directly with AI to experience its capabilities firsthand.


Death by AI Improv Show

Join Marv n’ Berry as they bring to life the AI-generated responses to your attempts to survive various scenarios. Prepare for a show filled with laughter, unpredictability, and ingenious wit as performers navigate the scenarios generated by the Death by AI Robot!


Interactive Artwork

Explore the exhibit pieces from AI: More than Human in the Spark Atrium:

2065 (Futuristic Simulation)

Poem Portraits (Photo Booth with AI Poem Creation and Printed Photos)

Totem (37 ft tall digital artwork)


VRCORE Cyber Shock Game

You and your squad of heroic digital warriors try to eradicate the virus that has taken over your system. A fast-paced futuristic shooter with dynamic gameplay elements. Dodge lasers, bullets, firewalls, all this whilst trying to destroy the enemy with your dual-wielded laser guns.


Cirque de la Nuit

Step right up and dive into a world unlike anything seen before. Let your mind wander and your senses guide you as we embark on a wild and twisted adventure beyond the big top curtain and into the hidden world of Le Cirque de la Nuit!


Ascenti Art Show 

Take in the display of select pieces from the Ascenti AI Project Art Show featured at the symposium on April 5-6 at the Calgary Public Library.


DJ Sonidef

Dance into the future with DJ SONIDEF as she curates an electrifying fusion of R&B, Future Soul, House, Funk, Disco, and Hip-Hop inspired by artificial intelligence. Experience a technological dance party like no other, where cutting-edge beats meet the soulful rhythms of humanity.


AI Playground  

The AI Playground is back with some new tools to tickle your neurons. Utilize new image-generating tools to create and print your own AI art to take home!



At the forefront of the future, PALS' therapy pets lead the charge in providing Pet Visitation Therapy to over 60 facilities in Calgary. Discover how AI technology is utilizing these special animals to enhance the therapeutic experience for humans across various healthcare and support settings.


Calgary Machine Learning Lab

Dive into the world of Machine Learning (ML)/Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms on a journey to enhance 'Trustworthy AI & Fairness in Efficient Deep Learning Methods', 'Efficient Neural Network Training/Inference', 'Democratizing AI', and 'Learning Architectures for Novel Data Domains'.


Beat the AI

Are you ready to challenge Spark's resident artificial intelligence robots and put your skills to the test? Step into the spotlight and show that human ingenuity and strength still reign supreme! As the human contestant takes the stage, the challenge will be randomly selected. Win, and you'll take home tickets to the next Spark After Dark (18+) event on August 9, 2024!



Building Your AI: IQ

Building Your AI: IQ with Tracie Risling from the University of Calgary and the Canadian Nursing Society is a rapidly increasing feature of our daily lives. Often hiding in plain sight, this technology is influencing widespread change in almost every discipline. But what is AI? Where is the technology today, and what's next? Explore the building blocks and types of AI, along with some common applications, and reflect on how close the robot uprising is.


Beyond Computation: The Intersection of AI, Communication, and Society

Explore the evolving landscape where artificial intelligence transcends traditional boundaries, reshaping how we communicate, interact, and function within society. This talk with Dr. Lauren Dwyer from Mount Royal University explores the multifaceted impacts of AI on human communication, social structures, and cultural norms. It addresses the transformative potential of AI in enhancing and complicating our societal fabric, from altering job markets and education systems to influencing how we communicate with one another and impacting our relationships. Attendees will gain insights into the ethical considerations, policy implications, and future directions at the nexus of technology, communication, and society to navigate this brave new world.


Behind the Algorithmic Veil: Decoding Bias in AI Facial Recognition Technology

Join Dr. Gideon Christian, University of Calgary professor of AI and Law, for an eye-opening discussion on the hidden biases in AI facial recognition technology. Uncover truths, challenge assumptions, and pave the way for a more inclusive digital future. This event isn't just talk; it's a call to action. Be part of shaping the future of AI facial recognition technology!


AI and Arts Panel

"The Ascenti AI Project" explores the intersection of AI and Creativity. This project features a diverse group of professionals known as "creatives," specializing in various forms of artistry. Through collaboration with AI apps, they prompt the generation of works based on their original creations and then interpret the outcomes. Some find AI solutions beneficial for overcoming challenges, while others discover ways to enhance their artistic visions. However, some also highlight AI's limitations and shortcomings.


Lorene Shyba, Moderator and Multimedia Creative

Clem Martini, Playwright

Rich Théroux, Artist and Author

DerRic Starlight, Literacy Coach

Dagmar Jamieson, Artist

Eveline Kolijn, Artist Videographer

John Heerema, Photographer


What Lies Beneath: Taking a Look Under the Hood of AI Applications

AI is encountered every day, from magically organized photos on phones to personalized marketing emails. But how are these intelligent systems built? This 30-minute session, with David Chan from amii, peeks under the hood of everyday AI applications. Gain insights into the inner workings of these systems, understanding the technology and frameworks that bring AI to life. Discover the science and engineering behind the AI that shapes daily experiences and get a glimpse into the future it's paving.


  • $18


Step into the future of personalized mixology with Spark’s AI-powered Drink Creation Station! Enter information about yourself into the chatbot and receive a unique, custom concoction, along with a printed recipe card for future enjoyment! Explore and experiment with different flavour combinations and discover a new favourite beverage.

  • $18

Charcoal Burger

Sink your teeth into a burger from the future!

Beef patty, BBQ glaze, Spark Sauce, lettuce, tomato, cheese, crispy onions, and smoked bacon with a pickle.

  • $12

Beet Infused Cauliflower Wings

Vibrant flavours of tender cauliflower, infused with the earthy sweetness of beet!

Crispy onions, Korean Fiery Dip (Vegan)


    • Is there an ATM on site?

      An ATM is located on the second floor at the top of the entry stairs, outside of the Spark Eatery.

    • I'm a member, do I need a ticket?

      Yes! Spark Members receive a special ticket offer of $10 for all Spark After Dark events. That's over 60% in savings!

    • Can I buy tickets at the door?

      Yes! While tickets are available at the door, it is highly recommended to reserve yours online in advance to ensure you don't miss out on this event, as these events can sell out.

    • Are children allowed?

      Spark After Dark events are 18+, meaning no children are permitted. It's an opportunity for adults to enjoy unique experiences tailored specifically for a mature audience.

    • How much is parking?

      Parking is FREE for Spark Members. For everyone else, parking is $10 and is managed by Calgary Parking through ParkPlus. If paying through the ParkPlus mobile app, enter Zone 8310 or use one of the pay machines located near the front doors. To pay online with ParkPlus, click here.

    • Will the entire science centre be open for this event?

      Yes, including the Digital Immersion Gallery, Being Human, Open Studio, Steven's Lab, Infinity Dome, the Spark Eatery and Astronaut Ice Cream café!

    • Is there overflow parking?

      Yes! If there is not enough room in the Spark parking lot, visitors are welcome to use the north parking lot of the Calgary Zoo at 84 St. Georges Drive NE. For more information, visit:

Spark After Dark (18+): Body Mod

Join Spark August 9, 2024 for the next adult-only night of science!

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