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Winter Break Day Camps

December 10, 2018
Posted By: TELUS Spark

This year we are offering winter day camps for kids ages 5 - 10, which is great if you have to work over the holidays.  Let your kids innovate at TELUS Spark with a day of curiosity-driven STEAM skill-building activities! Your kids will have a blast exploring the different galleries and will love experiencing one of our daily dome shows. Day camps will run with a special theme each day:

December 27th: Building Challenges

If your kid loves building, this is a great day for them to get hands on experience! Kids ages 5-6 learn all about what floats and what doesn’t when they build their own boat and float it down our CKM stream. Later they get to participate in the Paper Bridge Challenge – usually we build bridges out of strong materials like concrete and metal, but for this challenge they’ll need to build a bridge out of only newspaper and tape.

For the older kids ages 7-10 it’s all about problem solving with the Egg Drop challenge!  Can they build a device to protect an egg as it falls 2 storeys? Another fun activity is the spaghetti marshmallow challenge, using only spaghetti, tape and string, see who can raise the marshmallow the highest!  Then their building skills will be put to the test, when they see who can build the highest tower that can support a book using only paper and tape!

December 28th: Robots

Get your kids excited about robotics and electricity! Kids ages 5-6 will use cardboard, straws, and string to build an articulated body part that is controlled by pulling on string.

Older kids ages 7-10 will learn about electricity and will get to test out their knowledge by building their own simple circuits. They will then take everything they learned about circuits to play with Makey Makey to build an electronic computer interface.

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December 31st: Scientific Art

Let your child's imagination and creativity run wild through scientific art! Kids age 5-6 have a fun day ahead of them as they learn about different types of instruments and how they make sound.  Then they will have a special class from DJD where they will use dance to learn about shapes and patterns.

Architecture – it takes a lot of science to make sure a building stands up. Learn about engineering and architecture by making a beautiful and structurally sound building.

Older kids ages 7-10 will make art with Rube Goldberg Machines “machine intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and over-complicated fashion.

January 2nd: Dinosaurs and Digging

This is an exciting day for future paleontologist! Kids ages 5-6 will have a blast using tools to excavate dinosaur parts and other clues from a simulated dino dig site. Then using the clues they dug up they get to reconstruct their dinosaur and its habitat!

Older kids ages 7-10 also get to dig into the past with stratigraphy! Your child will discover different fossils and clues as they dig down through layers of the earth, they then will use those clues along with their colleagues’ findings to draw a timeline into the past.

January 3rd: Circuitry and Solar Power

Allow your kids to get hands on experience with renewable energy! Kids ages 5-6 will learn about electricity, lights, and wiring by making simple circuits. They will then get a chance to come up with their own solar powered solution to our problems by building a prototype.

Older kids ages 7-10 will invent solar powered solutions to our power problems using electronics and Little Bits (modular electronics). Your kid will get an intro to design thinking and the importance rapid prototyping.

January 4th: Kitchen Chemistry

This is a fun day, where kids will learn all about chemistry through playing around in the kitchen! Kids ages 5-6 will have fun with colour as they mix kitchen chemicals, explore reactions and create different colours! Then their inner scientist will discover how to make homemade ice cream in a bag with the magic of chemistry! No freezers or waiting involved.

Older kids ages 7-10 will do scientific experiments to find out how to make the optimal pancake! In the kitchen they will tinker with the ingredients to bring home the ultimate pancake recipe. Latter they will explore chemistry using cabbage juice as an indicator and make art with various household chemicals.

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We are really looking forward to having your kids explore TELUS Spark over the holidays with our Winter Break Day Camps! They will also have an opportunity to come see the WORLD'S LARGEST Rubik's Cube only at TELUS Spark. What a great way to keep their curiosity alive over the break! Book a camp here!


All day camps are $60* and run from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Complimentary before and after care is included for every registration. Before and after care will run from 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. & 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.