Impact Reports


2023 Impact Report

This year is marked by continuous metamorphosis. Our commitment to creating immersive and meaningful experiences shines through the programs we introduce, sparking conversations and awe in every interaction with our guests. Every day at Spark, we change lives by offering unexpected, hands-on science experiences that take guests from “wow” to “WOAH”.

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2022 Impact Report

In 2022, Spark lifted up Calgarians and guests from around the world with the power of curiosity, inspired them with mind-blowing science experiences and built incredible momentum for the future.

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2021 Impact Report

Halfway through 2021, after a long hiatus due to the pandemic, Spark hit the ground running to put its heartfelt desire to grow into action. This report is more than a celebration of everything accomplished in 2021 -- it's a glimpse at the remarkable reinvention of the science centre already in progress, and an instruction manual for a science-fuelled future.

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2020 Impact Report

Throughout this sometimes-impossible year, Spark was supported by valued sponsors and donors who stood by the science centre’s side as it closed and re-opened and closed again. At every turn, this allowed Spark staff to care for the physical and mental well-being of the community and exercise self-care in the process. What happened was a remarkable show of strength through compassion.

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