A smash up of immersive art and science!

Wonderspaces is a one-of-a-kind smash up of interactive and immersive art and science!

Spark is excited to present Wonderspaces. This awe-inspiring and thought-provoking meld of art and science draws the guest in and distorts reality giving new light and perspective on the mundane. Wonderspaces’ mission is to deliver art to new audiences in service to artists, visitors, and team.

Wonderspaces presents extraordinary artwork from around the world in a casual and fun gathering place. This immersive exhibition at Spark features nine interactive, and conversation-provoking works of art and science. Wonderspaces partners with artists to present experiential art shows for all audiences.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Wonderspaces currently presents artwork of over 100 partner artists in Scottsdale, Philadelphia, Austin, San Diego and now Calgary! TELUS Spark is also the first science centre in the world to feature Wonderspaces, and the only place in Canada where these nine artists are showcasing their works.

Wonderspaces is included in General Admission and FREE with a Spark Membership!

  • Photo by Society Hill

Body Paint by Memo Akten

Body paint is an interactive installation that prompts participants of all ages to move by translating movement into splashes of vibrant colour. It relies on an IR sensor, high powered projector, and custom software.

  • Photo by Society Hill

Sweepers Clock by Maarten Baas

Part of the artist’s Real Time Clock Series, Sweepers Clock is a 12-hour film that depicts a pair of workers keeping time by continuously sweeping a pile of garbage in the shape of the hands of a traditional clock.

  • Photo by Yadira Villarreal

Plume by Ian Brill

Plume is a half-dome sculpture that participants can enter to experience an other-wordly audio-visual environment. Get swept away in the colour and excitement in this immersive environment.

  • Photo by Derek Ji

Blooms by John Edmark

Blooms are dynamic sculptures that combine precise design, high speed rotation and strobe lighting to deliver a surreal optical illusion. Presented as a set of three sculptures that present different illusions.

  • Photo by Matt Elson

Virata Rupa by Matt Elson

Part of the artist’s Infinity Box series, Virata Rupa is a box shaped sculpture that offers two different and complementary perspectives on the feeling of infinity.

  • Photo by Society Hill

The Last Word by Illegal Art

Prompting visitors to anonymously write something they previously wanted to say but held back and enabling visitors to read the unsaid sentiments of others. The Last Word offers participants a path to closure and community.

  • Photo by Society Hill

Micromonumental Mapping by Limelight

This audio-visual installation features a five-minute dynamic projection upon a 1:40 scale model of the Lille Opera House. It portrays cycles of creation and destruction.

  • Photo by Society Hill

On a Human Scale by Matthew Matthew

This interactive installation maps a harpsichord’s keys to videos of people singing that note in real-time, creating a unique musical instrument that highlights both our diversity and our shared humanity.

  • Photo by Yadira Villarreal

Thank You Bags by Reed van Brunschot

Reed’s Thank You Bags ask us to examine our wastefulness by presenting the iconic symbol of consumerism into a larger-than-life work of art.

And so much more!



    • Where can I get tickets?

      Wonderspaces is included in General Admission to Spark. That means it’s free for Members! General Admission provides access to the whole science centre, including two floors of exhibit halls, two theatres and live happenings on any given day!

    • How long does Wonderspaces take?

      Guests typically spend between 30 and 45 minutes in Wonderspaces, but you may stay as long as you wish. Many visitors plan for more time to experience the rest of Spark.

    • Are food and beverages allowed in this exhibition

      Food and drinks are not allowed in Wonderspaces. Enjoy delicious goodies in the Spark Eatery on the second floor or Astronaut Ice Cream café near the front lobby!

    • Who is this experience suitable for?

      Please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult while visiting. The exhibition is intended for the whole family, though small children may need your group’s assistance with some of the interactive parts of the exhibition.

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