Virtual Talking Circle with Tessa Wolf Leg: Indigenous Plant Science

Indigenous Plant Science

Virtual Talking Circle with Tessa Wolf Leg


Tuesday, October 12

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (MST)


Zoom - Participants will receive a link after registering




Anyone, and everyone!

Virtual Talking Circle with Tessa Wolf Leg: Indigenous Plant Science

Join a FREE, virtual talking circle, led by Tessa Wolf Leg, focused on reconnecting with the medicines of the land. This is the time of harvest, and to show gratitude for all the land gives, before the winter months ahead. This is a free program, that is interactive, conversation-based, and open to all ages.

A talking circle is a way to connect and share, while respecting the voice, perspective, and personal history of each person within this circle. Everyone is welcome to speak, but no one is obligated to do so. The circle has gone virtual for this program, and participants are asked to listen and respect whomever speaks.

This virtual circle is a place to everyone to come learn, listen, and participate with the guest speaker Tessa Wolf Leg, and she will show how plants are teachers. Plants nourish, heal, provide shelter, and give life, and this virtual circle will show how each plant has a spirit, a story, and a place within the circle of live.

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Tessa Wolf Leg

Tessa Wolf Leg is twenty-one years old and from the Siksika First Nation. She is currently in her third year of International Indigenous Studies with a minor in Psychology at the University of Calgary. For the past two summers, she has worked with the Barrier Lake Biogeoscience Institute to create land-based learning initiatives for youth to get back in touch with the land. Two years prior, she created Sacred Beginnings, a program that helped urban Indigenous youth learn plant knowledge. She has always been engaged in her culture since she was a child, which has helped her in her studies and work. Her love for the outdoors has inspired her to look more into the land around her. She spends most of her free time fishing and discovering new plants and exploring their uses. She is always willing to share any of her knowledge she has gained through the years.

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