One Day on Venus

One Day on Venus

The hottest showroom on the hottest planet

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One Day on Venus is a mash-up of science fiction and science fact with photographable environments and experiences showcasing an inspired look at life on planet Venus.


Until September 19, 2021


Main Level - Atrium


Included with admission or membership to Spark

One day on Venus lasts 5,832 hours. Experience a snapshot of life on Venus!

Get your phones ready, as you will be transported to an interplanetary space show home in Spark’s atrium. Explore immersive environments and installations on engineering, exploration and extraterrestrial lifestyle on Venus. Make sure you're photo ready to capture what your life on this gorgeous planet would be like, from living pods to sleeping quarters. Guests will be able to walk through 6 different habitats that recreates what life would be like from lift off to day-to-day.

On for a limited time until Sunday, September 19, 2021.

Sharing Blackfoot Connections to Venus/Morning Star

Oki! This project is currently being consulted and supported by Kainai Elder Casey Eagle Speaker and Rob Cardinal - Siksika Astronomer, Co-Founding Director of IndigeSTEAM who are members of the Indigenous Advisory Circle at Spark. These protocols and representations of sacred Indigenous sky stories about Venus, what the Blackfoot refer to as Iipisowaahsi, Morning Star, are reflected in the artwork and future storytelling events.

TELUS Spark Science Centre is honoured to present an art piece created by Joey Big Snake called Morningstar (Venus Risen), made possible by support from Kainai Elder Casey Eagle Speaker.

Joey Big Snake is a Blackfoot First Nation artist from Siksika Nation, which is situated not only on Treaty 7 land but is also part of the Blackfoot Confederacy territory. He is a 3rd year student at Alberta University of the Arts and also works with Siksika Board of Education in their STEAM program.

The Morningstar (Venus Risen) artwork wouldn't be possible without the guidance and knowledge shared by Kainai Elder, Casey Eagle Speaker. The work speaks to the importance of interconnectedness between the Morning Star story and  Blackfoot ways of life. This sacred story is key to Blackfoot culture and traditions.

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Astro-Culinary Explorers

Check out real samples of culinary astronaut offerings from the Canadian Space Agency's collections for guests to view. Added bonus, a Canadian flag that has been aboard the International Space Station during David Saint-Jacques' 2018-19 mission!

Canadian Space Agency

Food Security ... and Beyond

Local pioneers in the aquaponics industry Deepwater Farms will produce a small-scale, high-density garden of delicious and nutritious Venusian vittles! Refine your green thumb with educational information, and imagine the farm of the future.

Deepwater Farms

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