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Goodnight Moon

Get immersed in the classic bedtime story, as it comes to life

The newest digital immersion experience at Spark, Goodnight Moon, brings Margaret Wise Brown's classic childhood tale to life. 

The Digital Immersion Gallery at Spark will transform into the great green room, where visitors will enjoy an immersive rendition of the story, and interact and play with characters and images from the story's visual universe.

What better way to celebrate the 75th anniversary of everyone’s favourite bedtime book – never before shared in an interactive digital format!

The Science of Sleep

  • Does the moon affect sleep?

In short, quite possibly! A recent study of both rural and urban settings has shown interesting synchronicity between circadian rhythms and phases of the lunar cycle. On average, people sleep less and go to bed later on the nights before a full moon.

  • What is a nightmare?

Nightmares are simply dreams within the REM stage of sleep that have negative emotional effects – and most are absolutely no fun. They may be the body’s way of relieving stress or pressures of the day. In other instances, they are brought on by new medications, irregular sleep or mental health disorders.

  • How do astronauts sleep?

Forget cozy comforters or plush pillows. In the microgravity of space, “lying down” just isn’t possible – in fact, there is no real up or down! Astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS) sleep in small pods, or strap their sleeping bags to the floor or a wall so they don’t drift away (as they drift away).

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    • How long is the experience?

      Goodnight Moon is approximately eight to nine minutes long and plays on a repeating loop. Since the show is best experienced from the beginning of the story, guests are asked to wait in the Twilight Waiting Room until the story begins again.

    • How much are tickets?

      Goodnight Moon is included in General Admission to Spark. That means it’s free for Members! General Admission provides access to the whole science centre, including two floors of exhibit halls, two theatres and live happenings on any given day!

    • Are food and drinks allowed inside Goodnight Moon?

      Food and drinks are not allowed in the Digital Immersion Gallery. Enjoy delicious goodies in the Eatery on the second floor or Astronaut Ice Cream café near the front lobby!

    • Who is this experience suitable for?

      Suitable for people of all ages, though some may find this experience disorienting. If at any point you feel dizzy, stand still and close your eyes for a moment. If you are accompanying children or someone with sensory sensitivities, please hold their hand.

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