Digital Immersion Gallery

Digital Immersion Gallery

Included with admission or membership to the entire science centre

Every Second, the debut show in the new digital immersion gallery is now playing

A 6,500 square-foot gallery has been built at TELUS Spark Science Centre that dials up digital projection by immersing guests in a story that unfolds as they follow a pathway. This project was developed by the science centre with Supply and Demand Studio Inc., a company started by former multimedia director at Cirque du Soleil.

The first digital show, called Every Second, takes the viewer on a journey about life, the moments that matter, the time that passes and the seconds that count. Narrated by Italian-American actress, author, and philanthropist, Isabella Rossellini, the show was written and directed by Les 7 Doigts, an iconic creative troupe based in Montreal, Quebec and runs for approximately 15 minutes.

Every Second will run until January 30, 2022.

Spark will present a new show in the digital immersion gallery every six months! Stay tuned for updates.

Included with Spark membership

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What to expect from your visit to the digital immersion gallery:


  • Every Second runs for 15 minutes. Groups of up to 25 may enter every six minutes.


  • The digital immersion experience is included with admission or membership to Spark. Your ticket provides access to the whole science centre – which includes a second story of exhibit halls, two theatres and live happenings on any given day. Make a day of it!  


  • The digital experience is like being in a 15-minute walk-through movie. It is dimly lit. Parents must keep small children with them at all times, and keep hands off the screens and walls. Please, no running or screaming as it will disrupt the experience for others.
  • Please note, no food or drink is permitted in the gallery, so plan to eat before or after. Spark is home to a restaurant with hot food as well as a café that serves cappuccinos, light snacks and sandwiches, and Astronaut Ice Cream!
  • Groups of up to 25 may enter every six minutes so your trip through the story may be shared with individuals outside of your cohort. Please maintain social distance. Masks are encouraged.

Isabella Rossellini

Every Second is narrated by the incomparable Isabella Rossellini. Born in Rome, Italy, this Italian actress and model made her screen debut in a film called Vincente Minnelli's A Matter of Time (1976). Her career as a model effortlessly segued into her career as an actress, as her unforgettable performances can be found in projects like "Blue Velvet" (1987), "Wild at Heart" (1990) and "Big Night" (1996). Her powerful and unique abilities in her performances, led to similar roles in films like "Death Becomes Her" (1992), but she showed a talent for comedy in "The Imposters" (1998) and grittier fare in "Crime of the Century" (HBO, 1996), among many others.

Alongside her career in acting, Isabella Rossellini is also an author, activist, and philanthropist, and for decades she has continued to be a symbol of art, class, free-spiritness, and timelessness.


    • Olivier Goulet - Executive Producer & Creative Producer

      Created by SUPPLY & DEMAND Studio and 7 FINGERS

      Written and Directed by Sebastien Soldevilla & Shana Carroll

      Narrated by Isabella Rossellini

      Stefan Miljevic - Creative Director

      Media Design - SUPPLY & DEMAND Studio

      Tyler Scollon - Producer

      Alexe Mercille-Gagné - Production Manager

      Olivier Goulet - Video Designer

      Etienne Cantin - Video Designer

      Katty Maurey - Art Director

      Stefan Miljevic - Film Director

      Maxim Lepage - Music Designer

      Olivier Landreville - Scenographer

      Robert Levac - Technical System Designer and Consultant

      Francis Corbeil - Technical Director

      Simon Lachance - Technical Director

      Content Production Team :

      Olivier Goulet - Video Designer

      Étienne Cantin - Video Designer

      Katty Maurey - Art Director

      Frederic Mathieu - Motion Designer

      Christelle Bellini - Motion Designer

      David Baril - Motion Designer

      Benoit Piccolini - Motion Designer

      Lou Guettet - Illustrator

      GIMMICK Studio - Illustration

      Raphael Dupont - Unreal Artist

      Roxane Krief - Creative Researcher

      Alexe Mercille-Gagné - Production Manager

      CDM Sound Studios

      Film Production Team :

      Stefan Miljevic - Film Director

      Jean-François Lord - Director of Photography (Montreal shooting)

      Jean-Luc Charron - Artistic Director (Montreal shooting)

      Nathalie Gagné - Make-up Artist (Montreal shooting)

      Derek Kennedy - Producer (Montreal shooting)

      CLYDE HENRY Studio - Stop Motion animation

      Ginger Griep-Ruiz - Producer and Film Director (Las Vegas shooting)

      Joël M'Maka Tchedre - Producer and Film Director (Togo shooting)

      LUMIÈRE É MOTION productions film - Producer and Film Director (Montreal shooting)

      Equipement :



      KID KDAC

      Cast :

      Louis-Martin Charest

      Alisia Pobega

      Marlo Charest

      Samuelle Charest

      Rori McNicholl

      Romain Goulet

      Laurence Goulet

      Mia Tecchio-Brouillette

      Erwan Bauchet

      Galia Léonard

      Satie Soldevilla

      Lynda McDonnell

      Zara McNicholl

      Draftsman :

      33 DEGRÉS


      Installation Team :

      Robert Levac - Technical System Designer

      Francis Corbeil - Technical Director

      Tyler Scollon - Producer



      Textiles SHOWTEX

      ANVY Digital

      DANNBURG Holdings

      YEO Code Consultant

      Partners :

      SOLOTECH - Equipment provider

      ACMÉ Decors - Scenic provider

      Textiles SHOWTEX - Fabric provider

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New shows every six months. 'Every Second' is on now until January 30, 2022.

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