Camp Serotonin

Welcome, Campers!

The great outdoors has made its way inside TELUS Spark and adventure is calling! The world may seem like it’s been flipped upside down and inside out in 2020. Learn how to ground yourself in this safe indoor pathway science exhibit that immerses you into the great outdoors without being outside. You'll learn about the science of the hormones that keep you happy. After all, happiness is key!

Sorry, no vacancy at Camp Serotonin! Although it's not actually a camp, you'll earn a mental badge on how to boost your serotonin, the happy chemical.

The exhibit features a boardwalk that guides you through micro-habitats peppered with tips, tricks, and strategies for resiliency during uncertain times. The experience focuses on the science behind neurotransmitters from serotonin to endorphins and its role in boosting mental health and well-being.

Your camp leader for this pathway experience is serotonin. Let's explore, happy campers!


October 3 - November 8, 2020

What you can expect

  • The great outdoors inside
  • 5 immersive micro-habitats (photos are highly encouraged!)
  • Boardwalk to guide you along the experience
  • Tips and tricks on boosting serotonin, the happy chemical, and other endorphins
  • Science signage that checks in on your mental health and well-being

This exhibit is included with general admission or membership to Spark. Members must reserve tickets for entry.

serotonin /ˌsirəˈtōnən

A compound active in the brain, bowels and blood platelets that plays a key role in mood regulation and memory. Also known as the happiness chemical.

Micro-habitats & activities

The Great Outdoor

Take a peek at living history through a boler trailer window! This Canadian invention thrived in the 60s and 70s as transportation to explore the great outdoors – the perfect way to catch some sun rays on the road, which coincidentally increases the production of serotonin and endorphins.

Artifacts generously on loan from Parks Canada - Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Royal Alberta Museum, and Bourbsy's Bolers

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Camp Cortisol

When your body perceives stress, cortisol is released into your blood streams. Explore how to reduce your cortisol levels at Camp Cortisol.

Artifacts generously on loan from Alberta Tent Rental and Calgary Canoe Club

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Slumber Station

Regulating the body's sleep-wake cycles and internal clock is critical for your brain to function properly. Learn how to get the best snooze at the Slumber Station!

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Meditation Dome

Show begins every 2 minutes

Take your mind off things in the meditation dome! Boost your dopamine, the "feel-good" chemical surrounded by mesmerizing sounds and hypnotic images.

This experience is designed and programmed by NEST Immersion.

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The Bare Necessities

Take time to reflect on what really matters. If you are feeling homesick or missing loved ones, get a kick of oxytocin in this tiny home.

Tiny Home generously on loan from Theatre Calgary.

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Pryography (Wood Burning) Activity

11AM -3PM Weekdays & Sundays 11:AM - 4PM Saturdays

In Open Studio Workshop | All Ages

Take in a hands-on (with great safety protocol) wood burning workshop.

Image Credit

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Material of the Season Activity

10:30AM - 11:30 AM Daily

In Creative Kids Museum | Ages 0-8

Drop in activities for mini-campers. Programs change weekly from weaving with branches, whittling with wood and exploring natural textures.

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Camp Goods

Spark Store (Level 1)

The Spark Store carries a variety of gadgets and gizmos that will boost your serotonin! Take home an adorable smiling pineapple or plant plush to brighten up your living space or make someone’s day. Plus we have introduced Camp Brand Goods apparel, enamel camping mugs and cozy handmade blankets to compliment your Camp Serotonin experience.

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Camp Foods

Spark Eatery (Level 2)

Eat yourself happy with Spark Eatery Camp Foods that will warm your soul and boost your mood!

In addition to the Spark Eatery Menu, enjoy these limited time camp foods:

1. Hot Banana S'mores

2. Sweet Potato Fries

3. Warm cup o' Monogram coffee

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More Camps at Spark!

Camp serotonin has no vacancy. Although you can't actually book a camp here, you can book a day camp or childcare for your mini campers - serotonin included!

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