This 10th Anniversary party is an all-ages family-friendly event that facilitates in-person encounters with science, technology, engineering, and math, through art and entertainment.


September 14-17, 2023


Contemporary Calgary, Shaw Millennium Park, and TELUS Spark.


Admission is free at Contemporary and Shaw Millennium Park. Donations are appreciated.

Beakerhead's 10th Anniversary of Science, Art, Engineering and Tech

Beakerhead was founded in 2013 with the belief that making science and engineering accessible through art and entertainment would lead to unprecedented human ingenuity… and it sure has!

Over the last nine years, Beakerhead has facilitated 542,000 in-person encounters with science, technology, engineering, and math, through art and entertainment. This magic has been made with 665 local partners, 35,000 volunteer hours, and 1,442 collaborating presenters. And we’ve reached over 605 million people online. That’s a lot of numbers. But they all add up to awesome.

Beakerhead 2023 will include more than 50 activities, presentations, workshops and installations that showcase the alchemy that happens when innovators, creators, scientists, and artists collide. Attendees can experience virtual reality, art installations and even a roller rink at BRAIN in Contemporary Calgary. Beakerheads can then travel to BODY at Millennium Park where they can also enjoy a refreshing Beakerhead Beer, adaptive skateboarding, DJs, and more. Back at Beakerhead’s headquarters in TELUS Spark Science Centre, there will be robotics and Hack the House, where youth teams have turned a piece of furniture into a sustainably powered, rideable machine.

Beakerhead’s feature attraction comes from UK outdoor arts company Walk the Plank. BODY is an immersive after-dark installation that brings you on a journey through the systems of the human body. BODY uses the latest technology to create a deeper understanding of the science of the human form through light, sound, special effects and fire. BODY has been shown at Northern Ireland’s Science Festival and Ireland’s National Science week.

In April 2022, TELUS Spark Science Centre merged with Beakerhead and they joined forces to engage and inspire more people and communities with science and technology. With Beakerhead and Spark working together, the future of science in communities across Calgary looks brighter than ever before. The most spectacular outreach program a science centre could ever dream of!

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  • SEPTEMBER 14-17


At BRAIN, inside Contemporary Calgary, you can...
Drop into an activity at the Workshop

Control paint guns with your mind

Refresh yourself at the indoor Beaker Bar

Experiment with virtual reality and artificial intelligence

Watch talk shows, performances, and panels in the Dome

Go for a dreamy, ethereal roller skate in the Grotto


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  • SEPTEMBER 14-17


At Millennium Park, join Beakerhead for the North American premiere of BODY: an immersive night-time installation!

Inspired by anatomical science, UK outdoor arts organization Walk the Plank's BODY combines sculpture, lighting, special effects, sound, and fire to portray human biology, and uses cutting-edge technology to provide guests with a deeper understanding of the human form.

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  • SEPTEMBER 15-17


ATRIUM - Hack The House

The assignment: "hack" a piece of used household furniture and turn it into a sustainably powered, rideable machine!

FEATURE GALLERY - 'Robot in 30 Hours' — The ultimate robot building challenge! For the first time ever, FIRST Tech Challenge teams from across Alberta, will be gathering at TELUS Spark Science Centre to show what they got!

General Admission is required.


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