The most spectacular outreach program a science centre could ever dream of!

Beakerhead has restarted! Beakerhead kicked off with an event that ran September 23-25 featuring a smash-up of science, technology, engineering and art. Highlighting Prosthesis, a 14-foot 4000-kilogram human powered racing exoskeleton, Sounds of Science, the Dark Arts Market, live artists, a roving circus, Speakers Corner, Beaker Bar, Beaker Eats, the beloved bunnies, a brain computer interface, tentacles, and more. 2023 will be the 10th anniversary of Beakerhead!

You can help by donating, sponsoring and volunteering!

In April 2022, TELUS Spark Science Centre acquired Beakerhead and they joined forces to engage and inspire more people and communities with science and technology. With Beakerhead and Spark working together, the future of science in communities across Calgary looks brighter than ever before. The most spectacular outreach program a science centre could ever dream of!


Keeping Beakerhead’s community connections vibrant and accessible requires support. Support that allows Beakerhead to continue making space for local artists, presenters, creators and innovators. Support that ensures stability for the community where the smash-up mash-up of art and technology are rooted in science, the power of art, collaboration, boundary-breaking ideas and social good. Join Beakerhead and help ensure community continues, thrives, grows, and opens doors for all.

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