Astronaut Ice Cream café
Flavours that are outta CONE-trol!

Astronaut Ice Cream café

Shuttle up to Spark's café for stellar ice cream that is out of cone-trol!

The Astronaut Ice Cream café has lightyears of flavours, from Mercury all the way to Pluto!

No admission to Spark is needed to come and enjoy a swirl of ice cream, snacks, specialty drinks or a warm cup of Monogram coffee. Parking is FREE for the first 45 minutes.


Astronaut Ice Cream

Astronauts need ice cream too! Think fluffy clouds of cotton candy for the winds on Neptune, cookies on a monster-sized Jupiter, a donut acting as Saturn’s rings, a cake pop for Earth’s moon, and more!


Fall in love with these new flavours

Taste the new fall flavours at the Astronaut Ice Cream café! A classic, and delicious, Pumpkin Spiced Latté and the Tiramisu Latté.

Shine with science at Spark!

Grab some tickets and discover what's on at the science centre.

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