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Spark Learning Lab

Online professional development sessions for teachers and educators everywhere!

Spark Learning Lab is all about educators!

Need a bolt of inspiration to supercharge classroom experiences in 2022? Want to help build a more inclusive and curious learning community?

Join Spark for a series of engaging online professional development sessions that unlock science communications, science-based tools and new methods for teaching science (and other subjects) in the classroom. Spark Learning Lab is a learning-focused online program designed for not just teachers, but informal educators and professional-learners alike!

What's the cost? $5 per session. However, sessions are FREE for anyone who identifies as an Indigenous educator, or is an educator that teaches Indigenous students. (See FAQs below)

Where are the sessions? Spark Learning Lab is an online learning series.

Want more details? Check out the sessions below, or contact [email protected] for more information.


  • 4:00 - 5:30 PM

Indigenous Perspectives of Plant Medicines

With Tessa Wolf Leg and Sharon Ann Foster

How are plants harvested in a good way? Where does sage grow? Why are rosehips harvested after the first frost? Join Tessa Wolf Leg and Sharon Ann Foster on an exploration of Indigenous science, plant medicines and protocols. This session is perfect for educators who want to better understand the natural medicines around us, and how to live with and learn from them in reciprocity.

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“An amazing, MUST-DO, personal and teaching practice altering experience that allows you to feel and be creatively confident”

Former Participant

“A great environment to be uncomfortable, develop new skills, experience being a learner, and improve your teaching practice.”

Former Participant

“Design Thinking is a way of thinking and doing that empowers our students with what they need to be innovators, creators, collaborators, critical thinkers and risk-takers in our society. Nobody knows how design thinking can be transformative in education better than the dedicated team of educators at Telus Spark.”

Former Participant

“It's a chance to learn to think fluidly, brainstorm rapidly, and generate ideas that you can really make. You're pushed to think, act, and collaborate quickly and when mistakes arise, which they do, you build on them and learn.”

Former Participant

Spark Learning Lab FAQs

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