Spark After Dark (18+)
18+ Nights of Science

Spark After Dark

The best science comes out at night!

Come to the dark side, there is science over here!

Ever wonder what happens at Spark, after dark? This adult-only event series is filled with evenings of science-tastic programming! Spark After Dark is here with the food, the drinks, the ice cream, the music, and of course, the science!

What can you expect from an 18+ night at the science centre?

  • The entire science centre is open late for an adults-only evening of fun!
  • Enjoy full bar service and sip on specialty-themed cocktails.
  • Indulge with delicious snacks and treats provided by the Spark Eatery and Astronaut Ice Cream Café.
  • Try the famous Astronaut Ice Cream - 10 flavours in total - there's no better time than the present!
  • Catch a show in the newly renovated Infinity Dome theatre.

Spark Memberships for Adults and Students

Spark Members receive all kinds of perks like free parking and admission to events, as well as: a 15% special discount at the Spark Eatery, Astronaut Ice Cream and the Spark Store on Spark After Dark evenings! (The regular discount for members is 10%). Buy a Spark Membership here, and always have exclusive access to science!

Upcoming Dates

  • 2023
  • DEC 15

Greatest Hits

Like protons this year of Spark After Darks has been very positive! For one last positive charge of 2023, join Spark for this evening where we explore all of the best parts of: arousal, life in space, robots and fear!

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  • 2024
  • FEB 9

Tender Tingles

Ever wonder why humans get the tingles? Whether it’s an auditory-sensory conversation, mirror neurons at play, or something even more mysterious, one thing’s for sure – tingles are all about feeling fantastic and triggering relaxation! Uncover the science behind the tingles and embark on a journey into the brain and nervous system. Explore the mysteries of touch, ASMR, relaxation, and the diverse effects of being turned on or turned off. Experience how science can be as delightfully tingly as the tingles themselves!

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  • 2024
  • JUNE 14

Artificial Intelligence and Us

Artificial intelligence (AI), the art of machines mimicking human intelligence with cognitive abilities, memory, learning, and decision-making, is on a thrilling journey. Stepping into the spotlight promising to bring about better things, questions have arisen about its impact on humanity. Time to bust those myths and dive into the future of artificial intelligence, reshaping the human-tech world and setting the stage for the next decade.

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  • 2024
  • AUG 9

Body Mod

Human bodies are often seen as simply products of nature, but they're also shaped by culture. From ritualistic traditions to folk medicine, aesthetics, and creative self-expression, cultures around the globe have been reshaping the human canvas for centuries. Delve into the science behind diverse body modification practices and explore the motivations that drive people to express themselves uniquely.

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  • 2024
  • OCT 11

Killer Psyche

Immerse yourself into the gripping world of true crime podcasts and documentaries – a pop culture obsession that unveils the darkest curiosities of human nature. Explore the minds, motivations, and science behind some of the most chilling true crimes, and the stories of those who commit the unthinkable.

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  • 2024
  • DEC 20

Greatest Hits

Get set for a celebration of the best highlights from ALL the previous Spark After Darks of 2024. Explore the science and fun behind each past theme—all while indulging in delectable bites, drinks, and live music!

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There is more fun with science where that came from!

Come see what Spark has to offer for science lovers ages 1 to 101.

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