Gold might be AU-some - but BOLD is best and Silver AG-grees!


Spark is silver and bold this Holiday season


November 16, 2023 - January 7, 2024


$26 Adult

$19 Youth (Ages 3-17)

Free For Ages 2 And Under

Included with General Admission or a Spark Membership


All ages are welcome

SILVER & BOLD on now until January 7, 2024!

Did you know that silver is a soft, white, lustrous transition metal? It exhibits the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and reflectivity of any metal.

The science centre is glowing up this season with SILVER & BOLD! Spark guests can reflect on the holidays, while enjoying the whole science centre AG-tivated with fun experiences, delicious treats, a new Holiday Countdown experience, hands on science experiments, robots, shopping and so much more!

Topping all the holiday festivities off – Families can experience Noon Year’s Eve on December 31!

December 2023 Hours:

  • December 1: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 
  • December 2: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM 
  • December 3: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • December 4 – December 6: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM  
  • December 7 & December 8: 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • December 9: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM 
  • December 10: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • December 11: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • December 12: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • December 13: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • December 14: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM  
  • December 15: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Spark After Dark 18+ is 6:00 PM - midnight)
  • December 16: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM 
  • December 17: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • December 18 & December 19: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM  
  • December 20 – December 23: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM  
  • December 24: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM  
  • December 25: Closed 
  • December 26: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM 
  • December 27 – December 30: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM  
  • December 31: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM  

January 2024 Hours:  

  • January 1: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM 
  • January 2 - January 3: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • January 4 – January 6: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • January 7: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM 


General Group Pricing for groups of 15 or more - Adult $20 (26% off - $26 regular), children $16 (16% off - $19 regular). Please call 403-817-6800 to book or send an email to [email protected].

For group bookings only, get five free regular admission tickets to Spark, valid in 2023, for every $500 spent on vouchers for your group.


  • OPEN
  • DEC. 1

The Night Before Flintmas

Come celebrate the holidays with Flint the Robo Dog! Wish her happy holidays, get a festive photo and listen to Spark’s rendition of The Night Before Flintmas. Located at Flint's holiday house, inside Gallery 1.

10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM daily.

*Please note the story times for Thursday, Dec 7, 14 and 21 will be 4:10 PM, 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

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  • ON NOW
  • NOV. 1

Goodnight Moon

The Great Green Room is back at Spark! Enjoy the immersive rendition of Margaret Wise Brown’s classic bedtime story, Goodnight Moon - a timeless bedtime story read to generations of people over the past 76 years.

Now, with the story being told through an immersive and interactive digital experience, guests can be amazed by the story’s visual universe as they interact and play with the characters.

Until January 28 in the Digital Immersion Gallery.

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  • DEC. 15

Spark After Dark: Greatest Hits (18+)

Time to gather and celebrate the best parts from ALL the previous Spark After Darks of 2023. Take a look back at adult nights: Aroused, FashionTech, Is There Life Out There, So Robot, and Fear!

Explore the fun and science behind all the past themes of Spark After Dark - all while enjoying delicious bites, drinks, science, and live music!

6:00 PM - midnight.

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  • OPEN
  • NOV. 18

Worlds Of Ice

ICE: Precious, and vital. Embark on an extraordinary journey through Worlds of Ice this holiday season, a special new experience at Spark’s Infinity Dome theatre.

Wonder at the enchanting Arctic territories to the boundless frontiers of our mesmerizing solar system, as Beatrice Deer guides us through this awe-inspiring odyssey.

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  • OPEN
  • DEC. 1

Unwrapping The Wonders of Gallium

Head upstairs to Steven's Lab for this playful experiment! Guests will witness the mesmerizing shift of gallium gingerbread figurines, as they melt before their eyes, leaving only shimmering liquid metal in hand. But fear not, for the science does not end there! Recast the gallium back into adorable gingerbread shapes, and watch as it becomes ready to be enjoyed all over again.

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  • OPEN
  • DEC. 1

Holiday Countdown

Explore Spark’s new Holiday Countdown experience – here for a limited time!

24 immersive spaces, located in Gallery 1, are ready to be explored and fully Instagram-ready!

Guests will experience The Night before Flintmas, have some fun in Cindy Loo Hoo’s lab, Baking with Science, a Teddy Bear Plunge, and more!

Until January 7 in Gallery 1.

  • OPEN
  • DEC. 1

The Polar Bar

Bursting with sweet treats, specialty cocktails, and a full bar for those over 18 years, The Polar Bar is ready to serve up some holiday goodies.

Open every Saturday in December.

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM.

*December 20 – 23 & 27 - 30

6:00 – 8:30 PM.

  • OPEN
  • DEC. 1

Spark's Big Bold Bang

With the streets laden with snow and the sun’s warmth short-lived and distant, Spark is proud to deliver to you a burst of warmth and energy in Spark’s Big Bold Bang! Come be wowed by Spark’s biggest, brightest, and warmest experiments to warm up even the coldest weather.

Daily at 11:30 AM, 2:30 PM, 5:30, and 7:30 PM.

  • OPEN
  • DEC. 1

Winter Is Coming

Visit the Creative Kids Museum daily to learn all about winter- think snow, ice, snowflakes, hibernation, and more!

Daily at 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

  • OPEN
  • DEC 1

Spark Snow lounge

Located within the Holiday Countdown experience, guests will find the Spark Snow Lounge which features the Suds & Soda Tap truck serving sugary sweet Grizzly Paw sodas and beer.

Plus, indulge that holiday sweet tooth even more by grabbing a Candygram Cube created by The Sugar Cube.

  • 12:00 PM
  • DEC 31

Noon Years Eve

Celebrate Noon Year's Eve with a disco dance party that’s out of this world fun!

Celebration includes:

Family-friendly disco party that will have young party-goers dancing with joy.

Countdown to Noon Years Eve at 12:00 PM sharp!

Balloon pop for a burst of fun.

Quiet space with sensory-friendly activities, no flashing lights, and soothing bubble wrap.

Welcome in the Noon Year with style and rhythm with a celebration full of laughter and joy!

Holiday Countdown

Take a walk through the Holiday Countdown and experience The Night before Flintmas, Cindy Loo Hoo’s lab, Baking with Science, a Teddy Bear Plunge, and so much more!


  • OPEN
  • NOV. 16

Café Holiday Drinks

Atomic Mint Latte
12oz - $6.50

16oz - $7

Nebula-nogg Latte (aka eggnog)
12oz - $6.50

16oz - $7

  • OPEN
  • DEC. 1

The Polar Bar

The Snowball | $18

Prosecco, Ginger Beer, Cranberry Juice, served in a TELUS Spark special edition Beaker.

Beer/Wine/Highball | $9

Soft Drink | $3

  • OPEN
  • NOV. 16

Spark Eatery Holiday Feast

Snow Delicious Quiche | $15
Pear and Roasted Pork Quiche, Served with side mixed salad

The rest of the menu is available starting Dec 1.

Turkey Skewer | $16
Grilled Turkey Breast Skewers with Miso Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with Dried Seaweed Dust

Sleigh Ride Salmon | $16
Salmon with a Pomegranate Vinaigrette, Cranberry, Red Cabbage, Carrot, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber Artisanal Lettuce and Marble Rye Croutons

Festive Vegan Feast | $14
Herbed Butternut Squash in a bed of roasted Tomato, Zucchini and Spaghetti Squash


Shop the Spark Store, check out the special holiday kiosk, or shop online for the perfect holiday gift. From science-infused gizmos and gadgets to unique plushies and more!

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Get immersed in the magic!

The Great Green Room is back at Spark! Enjoy the immersive rendition of Margaret Wise Brown’s classic bedtime story, Goodnight Moon. Interact and play with the characters from this classic tale and be amazed by the story’s visual universe.

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