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Can't make it to the science centre? No, problem!

Surprise and delight with some science that sparkles in YOUR OWN classroom!

Let's face it, nothing shines like students discovering science through hands-on discoveries. That’s why Spark has programs that can be ordered for classrooms for an hour, a day, a whole week or even an entire semester! These programs are unique opportunities for students to engage with science in ways that will expand minds, introduce career possibilities and create lasting connections.

  • GRADES 1-9

Spark to Go

It’s the science centre on a field trip, straight into the classroom! Includes all the bells and whistles from a magic science trunk of gadgets, gizmos and beakers. This is a unique educational experience that closely mirrors what is offered at the science centre.

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  • $750
  • GRADES 5-8

Ready, Set, Robot!

Ready, Set, Robot! is a week-long intensive in-school program that will introduce all children grades 5-8 to the inspiring world of coding and robotics through a motivational project-based experience. Unlike many coding programs, this is not designed to attract those already interested in coding. All students in a class will take part with the aim of reaching youth who might not yet have thought that coding could be “for them.” During the week-long intensive students will be introduced to a series of coding and robotics workshops that will expand their understanding and level of comfort with basic coding concepts. And this learning has a purpose. The week will consist of exploring the connections between hardware and software, foundational concepts within coding languages, coding literacy and de-bugging code – all directed toward a final project that they will present on the final day of the week-long residency. Flint, Spark’s resident robot dog, will travel to your classroom as a point of inspiration for students, and will attend the wrap up day as the co-emcee for the celebration of the students’ work.

This residency is structured to take place over a five day week, and includes four hours of class instruction time per day (split between two program sessions). Flexibility in scheduling is available to schools who book multiple class groups for this program. Please call our call centre for more information if flexibility is required. This coding residency is currently available to book for schools within a 50-kilometre radius of the science centre.

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  • $21 per student
  • GRADES 4-6

Cloudy with a Chance of Science

Have you got what it takes to predict the weather?

Over the course of four visits, Spark educators will transform your classroom into a meteorological station, complete with instruments for testing atmospheric conditions and the technology and know-how to create your own weather forecasts. Students will explore weather and climate phenomena using hands-on experiments, local observations, and data collection. And they'll be inspired by climate action around the globe, learning what they can do to help this planet thrive. With Spark educators in your classroom, there's a 100% chance of awesome science!

This program travels within a 50 kilometre radius of the science centre. Includes four flexible classroom visits, based on your schedule. Please note that a minimum of 20 students are needed to run the program, to a maximum of 30.

Curriculum Connections:

Gr 5 - Weather Watch

Gr 5 - ELA: Present and Share

This program is generously supported by the Canadian Association of Science Centre's GenAction Program.

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One Week Programs Details

Spark week-long residencies cost about is $3200, but thanks to the support of generous donors, these programs are offered for only $750.

Please also note that up to eight weeks of subsidized residencies are available for qualifying schools as part of Spark’s commitment to community access. These are offered at a cost of $15 per student, with a minimum 20 student booking fee (minimum $300 per week).

For more information, call the Spark customer call centre at 403.817.6802.

  • $19 per student
  • GRADES 5-12

DIY Science Centre

Time to immerse students in some seriously super science! This program challenges students to build an entire science exhibit with the help of Spark Science Guides and local professionals. Students in grades 5-12 will dive deep into the design-thinking process as they explore science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (otherwise known as STEAM).

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    • What are the room requirements for these programs?

      Schools must provide a dedicated, unshared space for the day (think classroom, library, learning commons or something similar) with power access. A projection system or SMART Board would be optimal.

    • Can Spark program go outside of Calgary?

      Unfortunately, for this initial pilot of the Spark to Go offsite programming, participation is restricted to the schools within the City of Calgary.

      To interested schools outside of Calgary: Spark wants to hear from you! Email [email protected] with your details, to help Spark plan for the future classroom programs! In the meantime, please check out some of the award-winning virtual school programs at Spark.

    • What if a program has to be cancelled?

      Cancellations and program transfers are free up to two weeks prior to the scheduled program date. Following that two-week deadline, a $50 administration fee is applied to all cancellations or date changes (though that fee may be waived at Spark’s discretion, in the case of events beyond anyone’s control).

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