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Get a Spark field trip delivered to your class

To book Spark 2 Go please call 403.817.6802.

Reverse field trip anyone? Spark 2 Go is now available for delivery!

Want to order some Spark science directly to your classroom? Look no further, Spark to Go is here and open for bookings! Spark to Go brings all the bells and whistles straight to teachers and students, including cool gadgets and gizmos that make science pop!

How it works:

  • Available from October 2022 - March 2023, Tuesdays to Fridays.
  • Teachers and educators, please call 403.817.6802, to book.
  • Once booked, we will contact you to via email to get details on your space and students
  • Workshops available for grades K-9 (see recommended grades below).
  • Each program is 60 minutes with flexibility for your schedule.


  • $250 for the first program.
  • $150 for each additional program booked.
  • Please note that a minimum of two programs (and a maximum of four) can be booked per day.

The Spark 2 Go Menu

  • GRADES 1-3

Architecture Adventure

If there is something missing in your community – a skate park for beginners, a reinvented school dance hall, a four-season outdoor swimming pool – now is the time to imagine and build it! For this workshop, the science centre becomes a prototype space for budding architects. It begins with an inspiring “anything is possible” story of a young architect. Then, students use materials to create a large-scale structure they would want in their community.

Curriculum Connections:

Grade 1: Building Things

Grade 3: Building with a Variety of Materials

  • GRADE 8

Under Pressure

Yes, it is strange that we use air to break concrete, and students will understand why after this high-pressure contest! Jackhammers, car crushers and bicycle pumps very cool tools that compress air to do work. Working in small groups, students will design, build and test their own pneumatic systems. This workshop is a blast, literally!

Curriculum Connections:

Grade 8: Structures and Forces

Grade 8: Mechanical Systems

  • GRADE 9

Can You Light It?

How many ways can you light a bulb? This is like a TV game show in the classroom, with all of the positive tension and excitement! Students will encounter a series of electrical challenges that need to be solved in order to light up a bulb. Watch light bulbs go on in every sense of the phrase as students explore the essentials of circuitry and applied electronic engineering.

Curriculum Connections:

Grade 9: Electrical Principles and Technologies

  • GRADE 5

Sparking Circuits

Spark circuits and curiosity in this enlightening electrical encounter. Students will collaborate to solve a series of electrical challenges. Watch the lights go on for the students-slash-young engineers as they acquire the fundamentals of circuitry and applied electronic engineering.

Curriculum Connections:

Grade 5: Electricity and Magnetism

Grade 5: Mechanisms Using Electricity

To book Spark 2 Go please call 403.817.6802.


    • What are Spark 2 Go programs?

      Since the pandemic makes it hard for schools to take in their favourite programs at the science centre, Spark brings some favourites to you! Programs are modified only slightly from the original Spark versions.

    • Can Spark make programs shorter or longer to fit into specific time blocks?

      While programs cannot be lengthened, they can be shortened to fit smaller time blocks! Please make arrangements with the Spark Call Centre, and note the price will remain the same regardless of the program’s length.

    • How many programs can be done in a day?

      A maximum of four programs are available per day, per staff member. But Spark is flexible! Booking more programs than this may be possible, but would require additional staffing. Please also note that Spark requires at least 45 minutes to unload and set-up before the first program begins, as well as at least 15 minutes between programs (for set-up and disinfection) and at least a 30-minute lunch break for Spark staff.

    • What are the room requirements for these programs?

      Schools are required to provide a dedicated, unshared space for the day (think classroom, library, learning commons, or something similar) with power access. A projection system or SMART Board would be optimal.

    • Can Spark 2 Go be delivered outside of Calgary?

      Spark 2 Go can visit any school within 50 kilometres of TELUS Spark Science Centre. But to interested schools outside of this 50 kilometre radius, Spark wants to hear from you! Email [email protected] with your details, to help Spark plan for the future of Spark 2 Go. In the meantime, please check out some of the award-winning virtual school programs at Spark.

    • Can other Spark programs come into the school, other than what is listed?

      At this time, Spark is piloting just five Spark 2 Go programs. With enough demand, other Spark favourites might be added in the future.

    • Is Spark to Go COVID-19 safe?

      Spark supports science (of course) and diligently works within the bounds of what is safe!. All Spark staff are fully vaccinated and have up to date police checks as our commitment to the best and safest programs.

    • What if a program has to be cancelled?

      Cancellations and program transfers are free up to two weeks prior to the scheduled program date. Following that two-week deadline, a $50 administration fee is applied to all cancellations or date changes (though that fee may be waived at Spark’s discretion, in the case of events beyond anyone’s control).

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