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Direct From Polar Bears International

Live Q&A suitable for K-12 Students | Curriculum linked for Grades 5-9

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Live Q&A with the Polar Bears International and Arctic Voices Exhibition Tour


February 23, 2021 at 1 p.m. - 1:40 p.m.

Hosted on Zoom. Participants will receive a link after registering


Individual Students

$5 per student or at-home learner


$100 per classroom (up to 35 students)


Suitable for K-12 Students

Curriculum linked for Grades 5-9

The power and plight of an Arctic legend

Celebrate International Polar Bears Day a few days early with a crazy-cool Q&A hosted in partnership with Polar Bears International! Get your students engaged with the opportunity to ask live questions with a polar bear expert! Learn how polar bears survive and thrive in the Arctic, what makes them unique among other bears, and how you can protect their future. Gear up questions for polar bear expert Alysa McCall from Polar Bears International as you navigate through the learnings of this Arctic legend. Recordings and infographic segments will be featured to take students through this fully immersive experience.

Curriculum ties: 

  • Grade 5: Wetland Ecosystems, Weather Watch 
  • Grade 7: Interactions and Ecosystems, Heat and Temperature, Planet Earth 
  • Grade 8: Fresh water and Saltwater Systems 
  • Grade 9: Biodiversity, Environmental Chemistry 

Spark Host

Toby Plant Specialist, Education Outreach

Originally from England, Toby moved to Calgary in 2014 with his Marine Biology BSc to explore the world-renowned prairie marine life. Prior to joining the Education team at Spark, Toby worked as a marine biologist, taxonomist and environmental educator.

Toby is passionate about the marvels of the natural world and loves having his ‘mind-blown’!

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Guest Host

Alysa McCall, Polar Bears International

Alysa joins Spark from Whitehorse, Yukon! Alysa has been studying polar bears since 2010 and working for Polar Bears International since 2014. She takes every opportunity to learn more about this species and loves talking to people about what makes polar bears so amazing.

Alysa is passionate about conservation and dedicated to protecting the polar bear’s future.

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Free Arctic Voices Exhibition Tour

Explore the Arctic!

All registrants will unlock access to a pre-recorded 30-mins video of one of Spark's limited time experiences, Arctic Voices. Guided by a facilitator, students will examine key themes about the Arctic including its changing geography, wildlife and culture.

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Ask Live Questions!

This dynamic workshop engages students to participate in a live Q&A with a polar bear expert. What do polar bears eat? How do they stay warm in the Arctic? How has human impact affected their habitat? Get your students ready for a jam-packed experience that transports students all the way to the chilly environment of a polar bear's habitat – without the cold!

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Free Colouring Book

Enjoy a colouring activity and safety guide and learn what it's like living in polar bear country! Courtesy of Polar Bears International.

Download Colouring Book

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Habitat & Ecosystem

Polar bears live at the top of the Arctic food chain and can be found across Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland, and Norway. Dive into the biology of the inhabitants of the Arctic and discover how seasonal changes, food sources, climate change, and human impact alter their ecosystem.

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Behaviour & Biology

Polar bears are like no other bears! They rely on sea ice to catch its prey. Learn about how they communicate, what they eat, why they hibernate and how they hunt!

Student will also get a chance to view polar bear biofacts and casts to further examine the biology of these mighty bears.

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This event is now sold out

Thank you for your interest! Stay tuned for more additional dates.

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