Live Science Shows for Schools

Live Science Shows for Schools



Prices are per class up to 30 students plus GST. Shows can accommodate multiple classes.


50 mins

Live Science Shows

Reinforce curriculum outcomes with a live show!

Presented by Spark's talented and lively educators, these interactive science demonstrations launch students into engaging scientific content with experiments that are just TOO BIG for the classroom.

Live Science Shows

  • 50 mins | $245
  • Grade 6

The Pressure Puzzle

What...where...where are we? How did we get here? And – oh no, the doors are locked and we can’t get out! What do we do?! This is so much pressure! Will we ever get out of here?! Oh wait – a clue, all to do with...air? Air and pressure? Well, I guess the only thing to do is to work together to solve these puzzles and see if we can escape before time runs out. Will the pressure become too much?!

  • 50 mins | $245
  • Grade 8

Who Wants to Be a Multimillion Cellular Organism?

This living quiz show is all the rage around the world! That’s because anybody who is human is already playing the game. Your students will help a quiz show contestant, compete for fabulous prizes while gaining knowledge of the human body. But that’s not all. Since everybody is playing this game, the audience (that’s your students!) will pump up their musculoskeletal system, tap into their heartbeat and manipulate their nervous system. It will be a lot to digest, literally – and there’s even a competition for that too!

  • 50 mins | $245
  • Grade 9

The Particles of Our Lives

Be a part of the molecular melodrama as the private lives and inner turmoil of our favorite elements are revealed! Like electromagnetic radiation through the spectrometer, so are The Particles of Our Lives.

Who knew atoms had such interesting social lives!? Join a cast of very particular characters as they fall in and out of love, experience loss and separation, go through explosive break-ups, and even take part in some steamy threesomes!

With help from the audience, we’ll discover which elements have the best ‘chemistry’ and make sparks fly!

  • 50 mins | $245
  • Grade 7

Level Up!

Ba-da-dada-da, welcome to Level Up! The video game that challenges you, player one, to conquer the cold, defeat the heat, and battle the Ultimate Boss using the power of the world’s most extreme temperatures. Will you use Dragon’s Fire or Leidenfrost to escape the minion's grasp? Will Frozen Smash or Fireproof Skin be your upgrade of choice? Only you can decide which element to yield to win the game and Level Up!

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