Dome Theatre Experiences

Dome Experiences

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Enrich your field trip in the Infinity Dome!

Live Dome Shows

Join Spark Science Educators in the Infinity Dome for a live and interactive experience – taking students into the universe to search for life, find connections to other planets and sparking curiosity!

For all field trip questions, costs, availability and general inquiries, please contact the School Bookings team at [email protected] 403.817.6800.

Live Dome Shows

  • GRADES 2-3

Follow Your Curiosity (coming January 9, 2024)

Curriculum Enhanced:

- 2ES: Students investigate Earth, its landforms, its bodies of water, and its relationship to the Sun.
- 3ES: Students analyze changes in Earth’s surface and explain how its layers hold stories of the past.

In the context of past robotic space missions, explore the landscapes of Earth and Mars and search for the conditions needed for life on Mars! Throughout the live show, students will analyze Martian surface geology and its watery distant past, and make connections between the history of both Mars and Earth!


$250 | 50 minutes | Live Planetarium Show

  • GRADES 6

Are We Alone?

Curriculum Enhanced:

- Grade 6 Science E: Sky Science

Join a fearless adventurer as they explore the Milky Way galaxy for life, aided by their very skeptical AI sidekick! It’s solar system curriculum teleported into a high-definition dome theatre show. Please note that multiple classes may be booked in the same timeslot for this program.

Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 AM and 1:00 PM.

Please note: multiple classes may be booked in the same timeslot, and this show cannot be added to an existing booked program.

$250 | Live Planetarium Show

These live and interactive shows in the Infinity Dome theatre take students into the universe to search for life, find connections to other planets and spark their curiosity.

Infinity Dome Movies

Movies in the 360-degree Infinity Dome theatre are handpicked to bring the most moving, educational and awe-inspiring subjects available to the giant screen! The unique architecture of the dome, along with full surround sound, guarantees an immersive and memorable documentary experience.

Please note that Spark is no longer booking private showings of dome movies for school groups. However, all school groups are invited to attend the public movie showings as part of their admission to Spark. Please check out the complete Spark movie schedule for show times. It is recommended to get to the dome early on busy days as it can reach capacity quickly.

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